5 quick fix blog topics

Are you having trouble deciding what to write for your next blog post? Is your industry having a particularly slow news week? Then take a look at our quick fix blog topics! With these basic frameworks in mind, you’ll always have something to blog about.

• Top 5
Note the title of this piece! Countdown pieces such as ‘top 5’s are a great option for a quick blog which can be tailored to the needs of just about any topic! 5 is a good number when aiming for a balanced piece, but by all means, go higher or lower at your discretion. ‘Best of’ pieces and other list-based articles also work well.

• Advice/How to
Has a colleague, client or anyone else in your industry asked you a burning question recently? If so, they’re probably not the only one that wants an answer. Pick a common query and write a post explaining the ins and outs of a particular process or system. Your readers (and colleagues and clients) will thank you for it.

• Polls
In a similar vein to the last point, if you have a burning question, ask away! Polls make ideal blog posts because they’re interactive, and get your audience involved on a whole new level. You’ve also (hypothetically) killed two birds with one stone, as you can use the responses for a follow-up blog piece.

• Interviews
If you’ve got good contacts in your industry, now is the time to use them to your advantage. Think up some pertinent questions and invite your associates to take part in an interview. This is also a good way to enhance interaction on your social media channels – not only can you publicize the post on Facebook, Twitter and the like, your interviewee is also likely to promote the piece on their pages. This creates the potential for them to introduce a whole host of new followers and fans to your site or profile.

• Funny images
Hey, everyone needs a laugh now and again! Pick a particularly humorous image relevant to your business (our personal favourites involve grammatical errors – see our Facebook page), and put together a short post related to the content or context. These posts work particularly well on a Friday!

What’s your favourite go-to blog structure? Leave us a comment or tweet us @writemysite and let us know.

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