Oracle/ WordZone

Case study: Oracle/ WordZone

The client

WordZone, a social media editorial agency commissioned to provide editorial content for a range of LinkedIn groups sponsored by the global software and hardware company, Oracle.

The challenge

Write My Site was tasked with monitoring industry news sources, writing up concise summaries of recent events and developments, and promoting them to Oracle’s communities on two of their LinkedIn groups, Customer Concepts Exchange Forum and Mission Critical Systems Forum, in a way that encouraged discussion and debate.

The result

We devised a format for the news items to meet Oracle’s key objective of simulating topical debate among the members of its two LinkedIn groups. It was agreed that each piece would comprise: a headline posed as a question, a 100-150 word summary of the news item, a conclusion phrased as a question, and, as a best practice measure, a link to the source of the news story.

Upon approval by Oracle, we uploaded each story to the relevant LinkedIn group. The client was then able to respond to comments and feedback posted by group members.

Oracle Linked In group screenshot

Oracle Linked In group screenshot

Here’s what the client had to say about our efforts:

“The team at Write My Site have been producing short news items for a number of LinkedIn sites we run on behalf of Oracle. They have always done this with professionalism, accuracy, diligence and, crucially, to deadline! I would certainly recommend Write My Site.”

– Phil Smith, Editor, WordZone