Without our highly competent and experienced team of copywriters and editors, Write My Site simply wouldn’t be able to exist. We hire the very best people and make sure we hold onto them. In fact, most of our team has worked together for several years.

Core Team

If you're a client at Write My Site, you'll already know our Core Team pretty well! These are the people who keep the cogs turning at our busy copywriting agency:

Emily Hill, CEO

Emily Hill, CEO Emily has been at the helm of Write My Site since it first opened its doors in 2006. She now divides her time between overseeing the agency and delivering best practice copywriting training. You may have spotted her at Brighton SEO, Content Marketing Show, British Library, Spring Fair International, National Housing Federation, Marketing Week Live, and General Assembly. When she's not urging people to stop stuffing keywords into their content, Emily enjoys open water swimming, hiking and travelling.

Claire Cullum, Managing Editor

Claire Cullum, Managing Editor Claire joined Write My Site after ten years as an editor in the publishing world. Her background is in the education sector, where her eagle-eyes were put through their paces and her linguistic muscles flexed to the maximum. Before becoming an editor, Claire worked for many years as a project manager in the translation industry – so knows a thing or two about time management! When she doesn’t have her head in a dictionary, she can be found chilling out by the sea, happily engrossed in the latest interior design magazine, or indulging her ‘Flat White’ tendencies in a local coffee shop.

Ben Parkinson, Senior Copywriter

Ben Parkinson, Senior Copywriter Ben enjoys the variety of subjects that copywriting has to offer. Prior to joining Write My Site in 2015, he had five years’ front-line experience in the higher education sector, as well as time spent in corporate property lettings. Starting out as an intern reporter for one of the country’s top festival news sites, his passion for music has seen him publish pieces everywhere from dingy London venues to far-flung festival sites. When he’s not propped up in front of a keyboard, Ben can usually be found at a music venue, planning his next foreign jaunt or feeding his generalist urges with a museum visit or good documentary.

Bethan Hastelow, Copywriter

Bethan Hastelow, Copywriter Beth graduated from the University of Reading (BA English with Film and Theatre) in 2015, where she was the resident spell-checker for all her friends. She joined Write My Site a few months later and tackled one large travel copywriting project after another! Before joining Write My Site, she worked in the marketing team for an international weighing company, so learned a thing or two about versatility. When she’s not scribbling away in a notepad, you'll find her either travelling to far-flung destinations to inspire her next copywriting project, or staying local to dance the night away – her favourite is Rock ‘n’ Roll!

Writers' Network

Our Writers' Network comprises experienced copywriters who have concentrated their skills in a particular sector: this is so we can match them to clients who need writers with insider knowledge. If you are interested in joining the Writers' Network please send your cover letter, CV and portfolio to [email protected], and make sure you demonstrate your area(s) of expertise. Experienced writers only please.

Education copywriter: Becky

Education copywriter: Becky Having always had a knack for all things wordy, Becky studied English with TEFL at university, resulting in her in-depth knowledge of the twelve (yes twelve!) tenses of English. A proofreader for eight years, she has honed her grammatical knowledge. Her perfectionism allows for no spelling, grammar or punctuation errors in her work. She has been working as a copywriter for the last two years and very much enjoys writing about a variety of subjects, with a current focus on education copywriting. When she's not writing, she enjoys ice-skating with her son.

Financial copywriter: Benjamin

Financial copywriter: Benjamin Having always enjoying writing words that sell, Benjamin is a predominantly financial and business-orientated copywriter. Championing the importance of engaging in feverish research before ever putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), outside of paid work Benjamin writes on sleep and healthy habit formation, and he curates an online collection of inspiring morning routines.

I.T. and technical copywriter: Ben

I.T. and technical copywriter: Ben After many years of receiving compliments like "Hey, you're really good at writing stuff" and fulfilling all kinds of "could you please write this letter for me"-type requests from friends and family, Ben realised that perhaps his career path did not lie in IT, but rather in IT and technical copywriting. He now uses those 15+ years of computer industry experience writing technical content for Write My Site’s clients. In his spare time, Ben likes to visit theme parks. He is also something of an Apple-geek and tries to stay up-to-date with technology trends to feed his fetish.

Sports copywriter: Nicola

Sports copywriter: Nicola It's kind of handy that our lead sports and fitness copywriter Nicola is a World champion bodybuilder (and former English channel swimmer and triathlete). Nicola has been a sports copywriter since 2004, and specialises in the fitness, health, nutrition and sports supplements industries. She also dabbles in journalism, writing features for consumer, trade and industry magazines, and has contributed to a couple of books. She's interviewed Olympians in ice-baths and swum with seals in Scilly all in the name of great content. When she's not writing, she's lifting heavy things up and putting them back down again in the gym. She lives on the coast and can see France on a clear day.

B2B copywriter: Simon

B2B copywriter: Simon For more than a decade, Simon has been busy producing concepts, stories and words for all online and offline media. In a typical week, he’ll be scripting videos for electric cars, composing B2B copy for every stage of the sales cycle, and ghost-writing blog posts for a Texas-based software developer.Simon has also worked as a sub-editor on magazines like Radio Times and Heat, so has a keen eye for detail. But it’s not all work. Away from his keyboard, Simon loves football, DJs for friends’ parties, and has a burgeoning record and CD collection to support.

Healthcare copywriter: Amanda

Healthcare copywriter: Amanda Amanda has always enjoyed crafting the written word. After writing reports on health and social care regulations and services for more years than she cares to remember, and editing those produced by her various teams, she realised this was a core transferable skill to add to her MBA. She welcomes the opportunities for learning about a range of subjects which copywriting brings, and is focused at the moment on healthcare copywriting. In her spare time she keeps her teenagers in order and can occasionally be found teaching art classes on cruises.

Travel copywriter: Paula

Travel copywriter: Paula After realising she spent more time writing than she did taking photographs, Paula made the switch from photography to full-time travel copywriting in 2012. Since then, she has written widely on a range of travel and lifestyle subjects from holiday destinations and travel tips to surviving a zombie apocalypse. No two days are the same, which is why she loves being a copywriter.When she's not working, you'll find Paula with her nose in a good book, or out and about in London with her camera. A self-confessed geek, she also loves gaming and attending conventions.

Financial services copywriter: Emily

Financial services copywriter: Emily Not to be confused with the other Emily, this Emily has been working for Write My Site since 2007. Her copywriting and editing experience includes long stints as a financial and legal editor for various faceless multinationals, and she now specialises in financial services copywriting for Write My Site – though she’ll happily turn her hand to anything, enjoying the unique perspective you gain on the world when you write its web copy.Outside of work, Emily spends most of her time travelling, exploring, cooking enormous meals and buying books.

Digital marketing copywriter: Charlotte

Digital marketing copywriter: Charlotte Charlotte is a digital marketing copywriter and social media specialist. Over the past ten years she’s written content for web pages, emails, blogs and social media - in fact, pretty much everywhere online where there are words to be written.When she’s not on the internet, Charlotte can be found searching for the perfect wave to surf, snowboarding or taking lots of pictures.