Bend the business blogging rules

blogglobeBlogging is not a formal writing style and as such you don’t always need to adhere to the strictest grammatical or structural forms. Here are our top three rules that you can bend – and one that you shouldn’t.

The rules you can bend

Splitting infinitives: Once of the most notorious TV catchphrases in history is Star Trek’s ‘To boldly go’, the bane of grammar pedants for decades. The entire show is about space exploration and the key word is ‘go’. To hide this mid-catchphrase in ‘to go boldly’ would diminish the entire phrase’s power. It can have a similar effect within your blog.

The one-sentence paragraph: When setting out the structure for your business blog, the general consensus is to cover one key point in each paragraph. The exception to this comes in one-sentence paragraphs which add nothing new to your structure, but emphasise what has gone before.

And that’s a fact!

Beginning a sentence with conjunctions: This is largely frowned upon in formal writing and many people hold it is downright wrong. However, as you may have noticed from the sentence above, it is fine in more conversational forms to avoid overlong sentences and add emphasis. Business blog writers often use this technique as a way of making the content more informal and interactive than other kinds of web content.

The rule you should keep

Here is your unbreakable law for business blog writing.

Apostrophes: An apostrophe can take the place of missing letters – as in don’t for do not – or indicate a possessive proper noun, such as ‘this is Julie’s scarf’. Only use the apostrophe in one of these two situations.

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  • June 27, 2010 at 07:30

    “An apostrophe can … indicate a possessive proper noun”

    Or any other type of noun or pronoun, shurely.

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