Content, SEO and social media news: weekly round up – 01/03/2013

Australia is the leader of the content marketing pack

New research from the Content Marketing Institute and the Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising has revealed that a staggering 96% of Australian marketers use content marketing in their strategies – and 61% intend to increase their spending on the discipline over the next year. On average, Australian businesses already dedicate a quarter of their total budgets to content marketing, so this increase would represent an even more significant investment in the medium. Outsourcing content is particularly popular in Australia, with 57% using an external source, compared with 55% in the UK and 45% in North America.

Google penalises Interflora for failing to comply with SEO best practice

Interflora have been removed from their top spot ranking in the SERPs thanks to a dubious range of promotional articles that ran at the beginning of this year. “In January, Interflora, in order to get ready for Valentine’s Day, paid newspapers to run stories which were only there to get links to improve their Google ranking,” David Naylor, head of SEO marketing at Bronco, explained to Computer Weekly. “In SEO terms, advertorials are like gold dust, but have to be taken with care. Interflora went and did as many as humanly possible, and they really went too far.” Both Interflora and Google have declined to comment on the development, but as Naylor concludes, “Google doesn’t want people buying links to influence search engines – it makes a mockery of search.” Google has not only penalised Interflora but also the newspapers which ran the advertorials, making their stance on the activity exceptionally clear.

Brandwatch report reveals key Twitter stats

Brand analysis specialist Brandwatch studied over 10,000 random tweets to produce a report that provides key insights into the way businesses and consumers use Twitter. The key findings showed that Twitter is currently 62% engagement (replies, retweets etc) and 38% broadcast, and based on their sample, an impressive 12,600 tweets per minute mention a brand. In the report, Brandwatch also stress the importance of cashing in on big events – the Super Bowl, for instance, received 231,500 tweets per minute, and brands should utilise these social occasions to their advantage.