Content, SEO and social media news: weekly round up – 13/05/2013

CMS systems aren’t meeting brand expectations

New research from Econsultancy and Adestra’s Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing has revealed that only 38% of businesses believe that their content management systems are delivering a brand enhancing digital experience. The survey, which was based on a sample of more than 1,000 business professionals from areas including marketing and web development, showed that hopes for CMS were high – 87% said that CMS should help them improve user and customer engagement, whilse 78% said it should help to build the brand through positive experiences – but the result shows that just half of companies think that their current CMS actually meets these expectations. Only 23% of respondents rated their CMS as ‘good’, whilst 31% declared theirs to be ‘poor’.

Australian companies falling behind in the social media stakes

Almost half of Australia’s top 100 companies have no presence on social media, according to research from online marketing agency WebProfits. Of those surveyed, only 53% of businesses were using Twitter to communicate with their customers, whilst just 27% were using Facebook – and a mere 2 in 10 companies were using both. Even the businesses who did have social media profiles weren’t using them to their full advantage – big brands like Telstra, Coca Cola and Woolworths all had more than 340,000 fans on their pages, but had ignored the last 10 wall posts on their timeline.

New Ghost blogging platform challenges WordPress

A new blogging platform, known as Ghost, has been launched as a simpler, streamlined alternative to WordPress. Funded by the popular Kickstarter campaign, Ghost offers a fresh approach to digital publishing, with a dashboard that links to social accounts and analytics without the need to switch between browser tabs. It’s still in the development stage at the moment, but with additional funding and support, Ghost could be the next big blogging thing. To find out more, visit