Content, SEO and social media news: weekly round up

Small businesses missing out on social media opportunities

Research from LivingSocial has shown that small businesses could collectively be losing out on as much as £554 million each year by failing to utilise their social media tools properly. 23% of UK SMEs now earn over £1,000 per annum by connecting with clients and consumers through social sites, but of those surveyed, 68% were still failing to realise the full potential of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like, with more than a third generating less than £150 a year from their social activity.

86% of B2C marketers now use content marketing

Content marketing has become more crucial than ever for B2C marketers, a new infographic from Uberflip has revealed, with 86% of B2C marketers using content as a key part of their strategies. 52% of marketers said their objective was to engage new customers with content, whilst 49% aimed to increase traffic to their site and 38% hoped to raise brand awareness. The most popular tactics were social media and website articles, which were both cited by 84% of participants, but e-newsletters, videos and blogs were close behind, with 78%, 70% and 69% of votes respectively.

Companies who integrate social are more successful with SEO

According to a recent study from research agency Ascend2, companies with that integrate social media into their SEO strategies generate far more success than those who do not. In an analysis of 600 business and marketing professionals from across the globe, 38% of respondents who said their SEO strategy was ‘very successful’ were carrying out extensive integration of social media – compared with 50% of unsuccessful SEO campaigners who said they weren’t integrating social media at all.