Content, SEO and social media news: weekly round-up

Prince George web trafficBirth of Prince George causes online news boom

The birth of Prince George a week ago caused a surge in online searches for news sites and baby product retailers. Data from Experian Hitwise showed that there were 94 million visits to UK news and media websites on 22nd July: an increase of nearly 50% on the daily average of 64 million visits. Broadsheet websites experienced a 17% growth in traffic, whereas tabloids experienced a growth of 14%. There was an 11% increase in traffic to baby product retail sites such as Mothercare, compared with the previous day.

Increase in DIY and gardening searches

The total search volume for terms related to DIY and gardening has increase by 32% year-on-year, according to a new report. The BRC Google Online Retail Monitor Q2 2013 report also shows that DIY and gardening also experienced the greatest year-on-year increase of searches made with tablets and smartphones, up by 170% and 81% respectively.

James Blunt accidentally emails “whole of the UK”

James Blunt has issued an apology to the whole of the UK after his record label accidentally emailed millions of people with the details of his new single ‘Bonfire Heart’. Blunt later wrote on Twitter: “Oops… Just emailed the whole of the UK by mistake! Ha.” It’s thought a technical error caused the problem, which sent the email to millions of subscribers who had signed up to other artists’ mailing lists.