Content, SEO and social media news: weekly round-up

Channel 4 documentary shines spotlight on #fakefansFake fans illustration

A Dispatches documentary, ‘Celebs, Brands and Fake Fans’ which aired on Channel 4 last week, claims that social media agencies employed by big brands are boosting their clients’ social media followings by purchasing fake likes from click farms. Several big brands were named in the documentary, all of which claimed to be unaware of their agencies’ actions in purchasing fake Facebook likes and Twitter followers.

New report reveals correlation between quality content and search ranking

A new report from Searchmetrics has highlighted the relationship between quality content and the search ranking of the site hosting the content. The report shows that the pages which are taking the top positions in Google’s search results have a higher word count than websites positioned lower down. The report also showed that shorter page titles perform better than longer ones.

Infographic shows consumers engage more with mobile content

A new Outbrain infographic illustrates how people who read articles on smartphones and tablets display higher click through rates (CTR) than those who view the content on desktop computers. Overall, mobile CTR is 34% higher than on other platforms, but it varies according to the genre of the content. Entertainment articles, when compared against desktop CTR, are 54% higher on smartphones, and 37% on tablets. Sports article CTRs are 36% higher on smartphones, and 39% higher on tablets. The most popular type content with which to engage via mobile phone are electronics articles, which achieve a staggering 91% increase in mobile CTR compared with desktop.