Content Overhauls

Content overhauls for modern brands

We copywriters know that sometimes it’s best to scrunch up that paper, chuck it in the bin, and start again.

If you feel like you need to do that with all of your content, we can help you!

After a thorough audit, we’ll rewrite your website, brochures, guides and blogs to bring them bang up-to-date.

Our process

Long gone are the days where you could write a few bits of copy and repeat them across all your marketing collateral. Your audience now demands a wide range of tailored content, all of it consistent with your brand’s tone and values.

Here’s how we typically address content overhauls:

The brief: We want to know everything about you. Our detailed face-to-face or phone briefing will explore who you are, who you’re targeting, what you feel your content says now, and what you want it to say in future.

The audit: This is where our editors’ pedantic natures come in handy. (Don’t tell them we said that!) They’ll pick at your content, word by word, identify where improvements can be made, and root out any hidden gems we can polish.

The idea: We’ll present a plan of action – full of content ideas and inspiration to help take your brand to the next level. All you have to do is say ‘YES!’

The copywriting: Our writers will carefully craft each piece to your exact requirements. They’ll specialise in your industry, so they’ll know exactly what’s going on and what to include.

The edit: Here we’ll check for spelling, grammar, SEO, that the whole thing makes sense AND that it keeps in line with your message and brand.

The delivery: Each piece will be sent to your inbox for you to review. Be as picky as you want – you get unlimited amendments as we want each piece to be perfect.

The upload: Depending on the type of content we’re dealing with, we might be able to take care of the upload process for you. That includes a free image and complimentary social media blast on your channels!

The proof: Our lovely proofreader will take a look at all of your content in situ, just to make sure it’s displaying perfectly.

The training: The fun doesn’t stop there. We can pass on our trade secrets to your team through our copywriting training. Or, we can continue writing for you as part of a blog package or copywriting retainer.

The end result

Content overhauls are always satisfying at the end. Your out-of-date content is replaced with top-notch copy that will:

  • Reflect your brand as it is today
  • Bring more traffic to your website
  • Educate your audience
  • Increase lead generation and conversions

Don’t put it off any longer – get that content overhaul underway today!

We'd love to tell you more.