Ecommerce Content

Ecommerce content that sells.

If there’s one type of website that absolutely cannot do without good quality informational content, it’s an ecommerce site. When you are literally asking customers to part with their money on the spot, you must provide them with everything they need to feel comfortable making that purchase.

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Unlike website copy for service businesses, ecommerce content has to provide all the information needed to make a purchase.

An IDC study found that 50% of abandoned purchases were due to lack of information.

Your product pages, company information and online help section all need to show your prospective customers that your products meet their requirements, and they can feel confident handing their money over to you.

There’s another benefit to high quality ecommerce content: The more answers you can give on your website, the less you need to invest in manual customer service (e.g. your call centre).

Ecommerce content copywriting from Write My Site

When you appoint Write My Site to create your ecommerce content, you can expect it to be:

  • Benefit-driven
    As the saying goes, “You’re selling the drill, but the customer’s buying the hole in the wall.” We look for the benefits of your product, and then we put ourselves in your customers’ shoes in order to write persuasive copy that converts.
  • Based on trust
    Clear communication is the best way to inspire confidence in your prospective customers. Your copywriter will produce crisp and clear ecommerce content that inspires the trust needed to make a purchase.
  • Optimised for search
    We’ll help more people find your ecommerce site by writing unique copy that’s optimised to appeal to Google as well as your prospective customers.

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