Landing Pages

How good are your landing pages?

There are many factors that go into writing successful landing pages – the copy has to generate traffic, capture attention and inspire a very specific type of action.

The choice of copy for your landing pages depends entirely on the action you want your visitors to take. Do you want them to download an ebook? Sign up for a trial? Call a sales line?

Whatever the goal, the copy not only has to state a very clear call-to-action – it also has to make a compelling case for why the action should be taken – and why it should be taken immediately.

The more specific the copy, the better.

Companies with over 30 ultra-specific specific landing pages generated seven times more leads than those with less than ten (Hubspot).

Landing page copywriting from Write My Site

When you appoint Write My Site to create your landing pages, you can expect them to be:

  • Optimised for search
    Traffic is the name of the game for landing pages, so we take great care to write them in a way that optimises them for a high position in the search results.
  • Optimised for PPC
    Landing pages often go hand-in-hand with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. If this is your strategy we will make sure our copy is compatible with your sponsored terms.
  • Geared towards conversions
    Our copy is always focused on achieving your goals – be that a sale, email list sign-up or a request for more information. We understand that landing pages are only as good as the number of visitor responses they generate.
  • Suited to A/B testing
    Do you want to test out different versions of each landing page? We can create long vs. short form copy, or versions of your pages that test variables such as headings and calls-to-action.

We'd love to tell you more.