Product Pages

Product pages that sell

Do you want to tell the world about your flashy new products, but can’t quite find the words?

We’ll let you into a secret – we have them!

Our writers understand that when an ecommerce site is literally asking customers to part with their money on the spot, the product pages need to be just right: not too long, but not too short. They must also strike the right balance between technical spec and benefit-led copy, so the customer feels fully informed.

An IDC study found that 50% of abandoned purchases were due to lack of information.

We specialise in creating engaging and exciting product pages that will hook your readers so they feel confident placing plenty of items in their shopping cart and completing their purchase!

Our process

Whether you’re look for five product pages or 500, it’s our goal to make them sparkle, so that you turn visitors into customers.

Here’s a quick outline of our process:

The brief: Perhaps the most important bit. This is your chance to tell us everything we need to know about the project. We’ll send you a quick questionnaire to get started, then call for a chat about it. That way we can be certain you’re getting the high-quality content you deserve.

The idea: When you’re writing a set of product pages, they should follow a consistent format and style. So, first of all we’ll create a couple of test pieces demonstrating a suggested ‘template’ for your other product pages to follow. Send us your feedback, then we can write the rest!

The writing: If we need to appoint a team of writers, we’ll brief them thoroughly so they can create consistent content that sticks to the approved template.

The edit: The edit is really important – having a keen second pair of eyes can help point out any issues really early on. It also helps provide a further sanity check for that all-important consistency.

The proof: The final check – our proofreader will scour through each page checking for slip-ups. It’ll only go to the next stage when they sign off on it.

The delivery: We’ll deliver your content in batches so you’re not getting hundreds of pieces at once. We’ll agree the schedule with you in advance to make things easier.

The fine-tuning: When we send you your content, have a look through, make comments, and ping anything back to us that needs tweaking – amendments are free so make the most of them!

The end result

By the time we’ve finished with your product pages, you’ll have content that:

  • Demonstrates product benefits
  • Helps encourage visitors to add products to their shopping carts
  • Boosts SEO

The only question is, when do you want to start?


We'd love to tell you more.