Tailored News Content

Tailored news for topical websites.

A tailored news feed on your site is the ideal way to show customers that you’re on top of your industry’s latest developments.

Tailored news content can benefit your organisation in a number of ways:

  • Search engine optimisation 
    Regular unique content is great for SEO and is one of Google’s key recommendations for boosting performance in search results. You’ll also rank for more relevant industry terms, helping more relevant people to find you.
  • Keep your website looking fresh 
    Up-to-date news will provide your visitors with engaging content to read, plus it will keep your website looking current and stop it from becoming stale.
  • Become an information source
    By regularly sharing industry news updates, you’ll start to become known as a key source of information within your field.
  • Content for your social media channels
    A bonus of having current news content on your site is that it provides regular fodder for your social media channels.

Researching and writing news updates on a regular basis is time consuming – especially when it’s not your main job! Our copywriters can take away the burden from your staff and create daily or weekly updates for your tailored news feed.

Tailored news feed copywriting from Write My Site

When you appoint Write My Site to create your tailored news feeds, you can expect them to be:

  • Unique to you
    We’ll write original news content that’s tailored to your organisation. A perk of doing it this way is you get to add your own slant to the news, including key messages from your company and quotes from your team.
  • Optimised for Google
    We’re experts at SEO copywriting, so we’ll make sure you get maximum search engine benefit from your news content. Where appropriate, we can even submit your tailored news feed to Google News, where inclusion can boost your traffic by up to 5 times!
  • Excellent quality
    Having your custom news feeds produced by professional writers will ensure your feed is credible and of a high standard.

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