From strategy trend-leaders to content hippies – content marketing trends

Hippie psychedelic peace symbol representing content marketing trendsStaying chic in 2016 with new content marketing trends

Businesses are now feverishly trying to figure out what next season’s content ‘look’ could be, with most digital marketers predicting it will be as vibrant and visible as a Day-Glo Hawaiian shirt. Digital marketer John Hall is likely to be amongst the most stylishly attired content-wise in 2016, leading content marketing trends starting with a comprehensive article in Forbes reviewing the factors that have impacted content strategy in 2015 and what this means for the future. John makes a series of predictions for the state of the market – everything from a ‘Trough of Disillusionment’ to the advent of the era of the ‘Informed Customer’ and effects of ad blocking – with anecdotes and advice to help you plan how to use your content marketing budget in 2016.

Changing the world with your words

We’ve all been told that the pen is mightier than the sword, but how can us keyboard jockeys put our skills to good use by making tangible improvements to people’s lives? Amy Butcher gives a voice to not-for-profit organisations, public sector agencies and research institutes with her writing, helping them to attract levels of donations and funding that they couldn’t even have dreamt of. Here, she takes off her cape to tell us a little more about how she got started, what she has achieved for clients and her secrets to success.

Content marketing trends go back-to-front Down Under

Things have gone a bit topsy-turvy Down Under when it comes to digital content marketing. Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute, was so baffled by recent content marketing trends in Australia that he felt compelled to dive into the statistics and try to come up with an answer between his teeth. The figures suggested that businesses perceived the effectiveness of digital marketing to be down slightly, while the rate of strategy creation had gone up significantly – quite a quandary for content specialists. Joe puts forward a range of potential causes, such as insufficient time for campaigns to come to fruition, invalid strategy and a lack of consistency, as well as practical steps to help you avoid such eventualities.

Blow the Christmas play, here’s the content playbook for 2016

The first snow has fallen and, with December almost upon us, it’s time to start thinking about setting New Year’s resolutions (but, only after the minced pies and 70s comedy shows have run out, of course). The world of content never stands still for long, that’s why digital marketer Simon Penson’s ‘Campaign Playbook’ is a must-have resource for staying abreast of content marketing trends in 2016, giving in depth insight into the setting of expectations and objectives, campaign planning, brand activation, audience understanding, choosing the right clients and making sure the social side is just so.