Digital marketing copywritingDigital marketing copywriting

As a copywriting agency, we are at the heart of the digital marketing sector. It follows that other agencies within the industry, such as design and branding agencies, often call on us to help them create content. They tend to require their own materials for digital comms – such as blogs and ebooks – as well as copy for their clients.

We’re here to help you educate your customers with high quality thought leadership content. That’s why we’ve assembled an experienced team of specialist digital marketing copywriters who know the industry inside-out. Furthermore, our SEO knowledge is second-to-none: our CEO regularly delivers talks and training about the impact of Google’s various algorithm updates on digital copywriting.

Our digital marketing copywriting portfolio

Our digital marketing copywriters can create blogs, factsheets, guides, white papers, ebooks and website content tailored to showcase your knowledge and help you build authority in your niche.

Our digital marketing copywriting services are often requested by:

  • Design and branding agencies
  • Internet marketing consultants
  • Digital marketing agencies
  • SEO consultants

Here are just a few examples of the types of digital marketing copywriting projects we have successfully completed for our clients:

  • White papers for an inbound marketing agency
  • Ongoing blogs for a social media training company
  • Website copy for a new digital marketing agency
  • Web copy for a web development agency
  • Regular blogs and email newsletters for a video production company

We know that providing regular, high quality, engaging content is key to the success of your digital marketing company, but if you don’t have the necessary resources in-house, we can help. Our copywriters understand the importance of optimising your online content to appeal to Google, helping to retain existing customers, attract new customers and grow your business.

Digital marketing copywriting resources

Competitive keywords: why your content should target them

Competitive keywords: why your content should target them

“Much bigger websites are already taking the top spots for your chosen keywords. I’d recommend we target less competitive keywords.” If you hear these words come out of your copywriter’s mouth, channel your inner Lord Sugar and fire that copywriter. But why? Doesn't it follow that you'll more easily get onto page 1 for keywords…
5 ways to optimise content for voice search

5 ways to optimise content for voice search

Google recently announced its new guidelines that will help you optimise content for voice search. Trust us, there are a few differences between this and your standard SEO practices, so you need to pay attention. To make things simple, we’ll outline the key ways you can optimise content for voice search and explain why it’s…
How to write healthcare content

How to write healthcare content

Writing healthcare content isn’t as easy as you might think. There’s lots of complex jargon to contend with and you’ve got to triple-check that everything you say is accurate. Of course, you still need a little sparkle to engage your audience – it’s a very competitive market and people aren’t afraid to go elsewhere if…
Travel content: Cliché or no cliché?

Travel content: Cliché or no cliché?

 When it comes to travel content, many people believe that filling your page with endless clichés can really engage your reader. However, we’re here to tell you that too many clichés can ruin a good travel piece. They’re just too vague and flimsy to have any real meaning. Your audience might even think you’re using…
4 reasons why you need relevant content

4 reasons why you need relevant content

We talk about relevant content a lot, but sometimes it might be unclear what we mean by this or why it’s so important. So, to clear things up, we’ve written this blog post about relevant content because we think it’s … err … relevant! Here, we’ll explain exactly what ‘relevant content’ is, list the core…

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