Fashion and lifestyle copywritingFashion and lifestyle copywriting

In the world of fashion and lifestyle, content needs to be as stylish as the latest designer line, and as high-quality as a glossy magazine photoshoot, in order to stand out above the competition. It also needs regular updates to capture all the fast-moving trends, new design releases, and changing customer requirements.

This can be demanding work for busy in-house staff – but Write My Site’s experienced fashion and lifestyle copywriting team is here to help! We hire only the best copywriters, with proven portfolios, who are expert in tailoring content to optimising its appeal to Google, helping to retain existing customers, attract new customers and grow your business.

We’ve worked with a wide range of fashion and lifestyle industry organisations across London and the UK. A few examples from our varied client list are:

  • Hair and beauty salons
  • Clothing and accessories retailers
  • Fashion brands
  • Luxury goods retailers
  • Interior designers
  • Private members’ clubs
  • Event planning companies and venues
  • Dating agencies and matchmaking services

Whether you are a leading fashion brand looking for web copy, or a salon requiring a beauty blog, our team of experienced fashion and lifestyle copywriters will ensure that your copy is prepared to the highest standard, and delivered on time.

Our fashion and lifestyle copywriting portfolio

Our project experience within the fashion and lifestyle sector is as varied as our client list, but here are some samples:

  • Product descriptions for a luxury skincare brand
  • Blog posts for a high-street fashion retailer
  • Website writing for a private members’ club in the City of London
  • Product descriptions for an ecommerce gift retailer
  • Web copy for an events venues group based in London and the South East
  • Regular blogs for a major ecommerce clothing retailer

Ask us about the most suitable lifestyle and fashion copywriters for your brand. We always work with the main goal in mind: to make your website stand out.

Fashion and lifestyle copywriting resources

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