Nobody buys property on a whim (unless they’re VERY rich). The buying and selling cycle can take months, or even years, but do you know where it starts in 80% of cases?

With an online search.

That’s why you need a property copywriting approach that combines SEO know-how with clever content marketing. Your content needs to bring people to your website first of all, then provide them with an incentive to take the next step.

This content may come in the form of aspirational area guides, compelling property listings, explainer video scripts, conversational blogs, email campaigns, detailed location reports, or a combination of the above.

Our property copywriters will work with you to determine what sort of content will most effectively position your company in the marketplace.

We understand that buying and selling property is an industry that operates on emotion as much as logic. That’s why our property copywriters will get under the skin of your brand to craft the perfect message and convert your visitors to customers.

Property clients

We offer our property copywriting services to:

  • Online property portals
  • Estate agents
  • Property developers
  • Building and construction companies
  • Property management companies
  • Property investment platforms

If you work in the property sector and you need compelling copy, then contact our friendly team for an initial chat.

Recent project: UK-wide area guides for Purplebricks

Purplebricks property copywriting

We (literally) mapped out the whole of the UK in order to create a comprehensive portal of high-quality area information. The guides were aimed at property investors and home-buyers.

From Barnsley to Beaconsfield, our team of property copywriters got busy researching trends in property prices, alongside school inspection reports and transport links. We advised the client that we should create a template to format each guide so they were consistent as a series.

Once we had settled on the final structure, we set about writing, editing and delivering the guides in batches. This made it easier for the client to review and provide feedback. Our organised approach enabled us to deliver the final project ahead of the client’s original deadline.