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The travel sector offers many exciting opportunities for content. However, travel copywriting is highly competitive, with all the travel brands fighting for the same number one positions on Google.

That’s why our imaginative travel copywriters will always find a way to give your content the edge.

It comes down to storytelling.

Anyone can churn out 500 words of “X fun things to do in Y destination”. Not everyone can really get under the skin of a location to create a compelling narrative. Yet this is how you will inspire travellers and earn top positions on Google.

Travel clients

We’re the agency of choice for many of the world’s top travel brands, but our travel copywriting portfolio also includes plenty of start-ups and SMEs. We work with:

  • Tour operators
  • Review sites
  • Travel agencies
  • Hotel groups
  • Transportation companies
  • And many more!

If you work in the travel sector and you need help with your copy, contact our team today for a quote.

Travel copywriting work

Our travel copywriters produce all kinds of written content for our clients. Some of our travel copywriting is project-based, such as web copy for rebranded travel agencies and hotel groups. Other assignments are ongoing, such as writing regular location guides and blog posts.

Recent project: 1,000 travel guides for TripAdvisor

We were hired by the US marketing team at TripAdvisor to create destination content for one of their vacation rentals websites. This was a large project, consisting of over 500 location guides. Each of them needed to adhere to a strict set of style guidelines. Our brief was to avoid ‘cookie cutter’ descriptions by thoroughly researching the history and culture of each location.

Shortly after the US project finished, the client recommended us to their UK team for a new requirement. This time, we were asked to write a further 500 location guides for one of their other brands. The tone of voice and editorial style were different, but the focus on original storytelling remained intact.

Meet our travel copywriters

Many of our projects involve teams of a dozen or more travel copywriters, but our lead copywriters in the travel sector are Paula and Beth. Please feel welcome to request them for your project.

Travel copywriter PaulaAfter realising she spent more time writing than she did taking photographs, Paula made the switch from photography to full-time travel copywriting in 2012. Since then, she has written widely on a range of travel and lifestyle subjects. These include holiday destinations, travel tips and surviving a zombie apocalypse! No two days are the same, which is why she loves being a copywriter. When she’s not working, you’ll find Paula with her nose in a good book. A self-confessed geek, she also loves gaming and attending conventions.

Bethan Hastelow copy editorBeth graduated from the University of Reading (BA English with Film and Theatre) in 2015, where she was the resident spell-checker for all her friends. She joined Write My Site a few months later and tackled one large travel copywriting project after another! Before joining Write My Site, she worked in the marketing team for an international weighing company. When she’s not scribbling away in a notepad, you’ll find her travelling to far-flung destinations to inspire her next copywriting project.

Travel copywriting resources

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