Survey: Digital marketing investment increasing despite cuts to overall marketing budgets

The recent IPA Q2 Bellwether survey, compiled by financial information outlet Markit, has shown that whilst total marketing spends are being revised down, digital marketing budgets have continued to increase rapidly, with a positive net balance of 5.1%. Significantly, investment in SEO marketing showed an even sharper rise of 7.4% – a clear indicator of…

Who owns Twitter followers?

Marketer Noah Kravitz is currently being sued for keeping the Twitter followers that he attracted while tweeting for the company Phonedog, under the handle @Phonedog_Noah.  When Kravitz left the company, where he worked as a blogger, he changed his user name but took 17,000 followers with him. Within a short time, he had grown his…

Social Media Marketing Checklist

Social Media Marketing Checklist


1. Retweet 7 things – to my mind, retweeting is the life blood of Twitter, and sharing of information is key. But let’s not forget, retweeting someone’s tweets instils a sense of loyalty too, and they’re more likely to retweet your items in return. DON’T retweet willy nilly – before doing so think “Are my followers going to be interested in this?”