Why you can’t take a holiday from your content marketing

GIRL ON BEACHIt’s officially summer holiday season and it seems like everyone from your CEO to your intern is planning their fun-filled, stress-free getaway. The last thing you probably want to think about whilst you’re sunning yourself on the beach is your content marketing strategy, but unlike so many of your other files and folders, this is one aspect of your business that you can’t just shut down for a fortnight.

Of course we’re not suggesting you send corporate tweets from the comfort of your sun lounger – after all, it’s hard to juggle a smartphone and a cocktail! – but consistency is one of the most crucial aspects of content marketing, so you can’t just leave it behind. Google prioritises websites that post useful, engaging, regular content, and whilst a week-long break won’t necessarily create an automatic drop in your ranking, it doesn’t look good – to search engines or to your customers.

However, with some careful planning and organisation before you head for the airport, you can enjoy your holiday, safe in the knowledge that your content is ticking over, on time and on topic. Here are our three key ‘P’s for effortless holiday content marketing success.


A week or so before your trip, bring up your entire content schedule and assess how much of your content you can schedule, and how much you’ll need to delegate to a colleague. Social media in particular is a real-time medium that you’ll probably need someone else to keep up with, but that doesn’t mean you can’t load up some evergreen statuses and tweets in advance to lessen their load.


Now you know how much you need to write up in advance, you can prepare the blogs, newsletters, social media statuses and any other kind of content that you’d normally be posting if you weren’t going away. Don’t forget sporadic pieces like email newsletters – if they’re due in your absence, make sure they’re ready beforehand.


Most CMS systems will allow you schedule your blog posts and articles in advance – and you can get similar scheduling software for social media posts and tweets as well. Make notes on a calendar so you know when each piece needs to be delivered, and load them up so that they’re ready to go. Then you can jump on the plane and jet off into the sunshine, with total peace of mind that your content marketing is up to date and engaging your customers without you even needing to press a button.