10 ways to recycle one piece of website content

10 ways to recycle one piece of website content

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Once you’ve invested time and resource into creating high quality website content, don’t just leave it to languish. Good content can be reused, reformatted and recycled in a whole host of different ways. Here are ten ideas to get you using your sparkling copy in new ways.

1. Send as tweets

Great website content doubles up as excellent social media fodder. As well as sharing your original page on Twitter, you can also pull out key messages, quotes and stats and tweet them. If your content contains some good visuals or statistics, redesign them into tweetable graphics. Canva is a great tool for this.

2. Create a video


High quality website content can also make excellent videos. Recycle your content into an engaging video using YouTube, Instagram video, Vine or even Periscope.

3. Reuse for a Slideshare presentation

Creating a Slideshare presentation from your existing website content involves a small amount of effort but can garner big rewards. Slideshare has over 60 million visitors a month so putting your content on Slideshare enables you to reach a new audience that might not have otherwise seen it. Aim for 10 – 30 slides for best results.

4. Expand into a downloadable guide or ebook

Capitalise on a popular content topic by expanding it into a more detailed guide, white paper or ebook. Demonstrate your expertise in more depth, and it will generate long-term brand awareness and trust.

5. Share in emails

Email marketing can be a highly effective marketing tactic, but you need great content in order to get results. Make use of your website content by including a snippet in your email to pull traffic to your site, or expand into a full email series to increase your subscriber base.

6. Make an infographic

Research-led content can be an excellent candidate to make into graphic content, especially if it contains lots of facts and figures. If you don’t have a design skills, you can easily create an infographic using online tools Piktochart or Info.gram.

7. Use as the focus for a talk

Due to speak at an event or conference? Use your content as the starting point for your talk, and direct attendees to your website for additional information.

8. Create a webinar or podcast

High quality website content is perfect for using as the basis for a webinar or podcast. If you’ve already created a Slideshare or talk of your content, then you will be ready to host a webinar with minimal effort.

9. Repurpose for other social channels

There’s many ways you could reuse your content across other social channels. Why not create Pinterest board around your content, share pictures on Instagram or use as a post for Google+.

10. Make into a checklist or downloadable resource

Advice and how-to content is perfect for repurposing into printable or downloadable resources such as checklists, step-by-step guides and cheat sheets.

Make once, use many times

This is just the start — there are almost limitless ways you can recycle website content to generate maximum value from your content. For best results, plan for re-use before you create content, so you can shape it into the assets you need for social, email, Slideshare and more right from the start.