3 content marketing success stories

3 content marketing success stories

With the potential to generate three times as many leads as outbound marketing at around 62% less spend, content marketing can work wonders for your organisation. That said, it can be a challenging area and is one that many marketers struggle to “get right”.

So, what is it that makes certain content marketing campaigns rise up where others fall flat?

This article looks at some real-world content marketing success stories in a bid to uncover the secrets of their success.

Content marketing success stories

Whilst the majority of marketers might feel they struggle with content marketing, others stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

Here are our three of our favourite content marketing success stories:

1) Secureworks

Operating in the saturated cybersecurity industry, the security solution provider Secureworks wanted a campaign to make it stand out. It went about this by creating a series of high-quality, informative resources such as white papers, webcasts and videos that spoke directly to the pain points of its target audience’s key decision-makers.

The company’s content marketing activities were highly successful, helping to establish Secureworks as a thought-leader and industry expert. The company also increased its conversions by more than 50% – impressive by anyone’s standards.

Content marketing take-away:

This campaign performed particularly well as it addressed the key challenges and most pressing problems of those seeking cybersecurity solutions. By answering important questions, explaining complex topics and solving issues for customers, the company was able to build trust among its target audience, persuading them to choose Secureworks over its competitors.

2) American Express (AmEx)

AmEx is something of a content marketing veteran, having been using content to successfully build its brand for over a century.

Back in 1915, the company added a travel agency to its growing list of services. From that point on, its focus was firmly on travel.

To mark the change, AmEx stepped up its content marketing activities in the form of a series of travel brochures containing essential tips and need-to-knows for travellers.

The brochures were a roaring success and evolved into a series of glossy travel mags in the 1960s. These quickly became the best-selling magazines of their kind on US news-stands.

Although Amex sold its publishing arm in 2013, its content marketing efforts are still very much alive today. In 2007, it launched its popular online hub the ‘OPEN Forum’ – with business trends and insights for small business owners. This platform has received high praise from a content marketing perspective for its interactive, informative style.

Content marketing take-away:

Content marketing is often a long game and shouldn’t be seen as a quick-fix solution. But by adapting your content to changing times and the needs of your target audience, you can create a successful long-term content marketing strategy that withstands the test of time!

3) Rip Curl

Rip Curl is a surfing company established in the 1960s that prides itself on being authentic.

One of the biggest components of its content marketing strategy is its online publication The Search: a collection of stories about the best waves, surfer hotspots and hangouts around the world. Its aim is to capture the true spirit of surfing – and the essence of the Rip Curl brand – by sharing genuine stories from surfers for surfers. It also features some mind-blowing photography!

The Search has an impressive 122,000 YouTube subscribers and 2.2 million Facebook followers and is still the main advertising and communication vehicle for the brand today.

Content marketing take-away:

Authenticity works. The Rip Curl example illustrates the importance of speaking directly to your audience and tuning in to their passions. The fact that The Search is packed-full of user-generated content makes it even more appealing to the brand’s target audience. It also fosters a real sense of community, shared values and identity among its readership.

So, there we have it, our round-up of content marketing success stories. These examples only go to show that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to content marketing, but the most effective campaigns always have the user at the centre.

Try out some of these techniques today and discover what works best for your organisation!