4 things a healthcare copywriter can do for you

4 things a healthcare copywriter can do for you

A good healthcare copywriter can be a huge asset for any company in the medical industry.Healthcare copywriter
They know the ins and outs of the sector, how to talk to your audience and (most importantly) how to present complex medical jargon in an understandable way.
So, getting a healthcare copywriter on your team sounds like a no-brainer, right? Just in case you need a little more convincing, here’s exactly what a healthcare copywriter can do for you!

First off, why do you need a healthcare copywriter?

Consumers are now taking a more active role in their healthcare decisions. They select their specialists with care and will not hesitate to move on if necessary – there are plenty of options out there!
The healthcare industry is a highly competitive market. There are thousands of medical services competing with each other and more home-care and alternative therapies available than ever before.
Add in that the NHS is in a sticky state and technology like Echo (the prescription management app) keeps disrupting the market, and we think you’ll agree that you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd.
Enter your brand-new healthcare copywriter. They’ll help you promote your services and build your reputation – who could say no to that?

Why a healthcare copywriter, not a normal one?

Medical and healthcare copywriting is a very specialist area. It requires a high-level understanding of complicated subject matter as well as the target audience and the service you’re providing.
A standard copywriter might be able to wing it for a few blogs, but a healthcare copywriter will be able to communicate complex practices in a digestible way, day in day out.
They’ll be following industry trends and research announcements, so will be able to suggest top-notch topics for you to use.

So, what can a healthcare copywriter do for you?

A healthcare copywriter can write fantastic healthcare copy – obviously. However, there are a few added bonuses for using a healthcare copywriter specifically. Let’s take a look:

1. Help you stand out from the crowd

Well-written and carefully crafted content will differentiate you from your time-pressed and inexperienced competition.
Healthcare copywriters can write factual, engaging and easy-to-understand content that’s optimised to relevant and effective healthcare keywords that will generate organic visits.
Your healthcare copywriter will attract new clients, draw them down the sales funnel and ensure that they’re aware of your entire offering by supporting them through their journey.
It will help you build your healthcare brand and enhance your reputation which in turn will…

2. Give you credibility

A professional healthcare copywriter knows their stuff. They’ll create interesting and thought-leading content that will position you as a market leader.
The online healthcare sector is full of clickbait fad diet pill pages, miracle cures and some dubious ‘enhancement’ procedures. Your healthcare copywriter will deliver on what you promise your client, and make you come across as an expert in your field.
A healthcare copywriter can easily demonstrate your industry expertise because they have some of their own! This will give your audience the peace of mind that you know what you’re doing and you’re up to date with the latest industry news.

3. Improve relationship with clients and the local community

Most of the healthcare industry relies on local trade; people aren’t going to drive for miles for an appointment to fix their bunion.
So, you need to boost your local presence. Luckily, through using specifically targeted posts and keywords, your healthcare copywriter can help you with that.
They can also help you build trusting relationships with the visitors to your site. This is really important because if they don’t trust you, they won’t visit your site.
By regularly posting relevant content that empathises with them and understands their emotions, you’ll act as a support through what can be a very difficult time. They’ll then come to you for advice and, eventually, an appointment.
Ask your healthcare copywriter to write things like case studies, testimonials and about us pages to humanise your brand and demonstrate the effectiveness of your solutions.

4. Update old content

The healthcare industry moves quickly, and only a healthcare copywriter will be aware of the changes.
If a drug treatment is discontinued or a certain therapy has been discredited, you don’t want to be advertising it on your site. It won’t instil confidence in your readers and will make it seem like you don’t care.
A healthcare copywriter can do regular site audits to identify any areas that are out of date and fix it quickly before it damages your reputation.
Specialist copywriters can make a huge difference to your business both in terms of revenue and client relationships, especially in the healthcare industry. So, can you really afford not to hire a healthcare copywriter? We didn’t think so either!