4 ways to improve your product description copy

4 ways to improve your product description copy

Improvement - poor, fair, good, greatEven though a convincing product description is crucial for selling online (without one, no one will buy your product), they often have room for improvement. Make sure your customers aren’t falling at the final hurdle by following these tips to improve your product copy.

1.      Demonstrate the benefits

When buying products, generally, people are more interested in what it’s going to do for them, rather than the features. That’s not to say you can’t mention the features as well, but focus on communicating the benefits. After all, no-one buys anti-aging cream because it contains a certain ingredient, they buy it because they want to look younger. If you’re struggling to work out the benefits, consider:

  • Who is going to buy this product, and what is most important to them?
  • What’s unique about your product? How does this unique feature benefit them/their lives/their business?

Apple are the maestros at highlighting the benefits rather than features of products in their descriptions. When the iPod first launched, they talked about “1,000 songs in your pocket” not “5MB of storage”.

2.      Write for the web

It sounds obvious, but it’s not hard to find examples of product descriptions that aren’t written with web readers in mind. Your product descriptions are on the web, so following online copywriting best practice is essential.

Make sure your product copy is easy to scan read online by:

  • Breaking up your text with subheadings
  • Highlighting key points in bold
  • Using bullet points to pick out the most important features and benefits.

These four ways to improve your web copy all apply to product descriptions, too.

3.      Write in your distinctive tone of voice

Your tone of voice is part of what differentiates your business from other similar businesses. With that in mind, it’s crucial that your product descriptions are written in your own unique style. Adding your brand personality to your product descriptions helps bring them to life and reinforces why your customers should buy from you.

Firebox does this very successfully. Their tagline is “Not for everyone” and this is closely reflected in their product descriptions – which are always humorous and, for some, may be verging on distasteful!

4.      Don’t miss out crucial information

So many product descriptions miss out crucial information which may stop a prospective purchaser from going ahead and clicking the ‘buy now’ button. To combat this, double check if your description includes everything a purchaser will need to be confident they’re buying the right thing. For example, have you included all the details of what they’ll actually get and when, plus things like dimensions, delivery and returns information? It might seem trivial, but these are the areas that will leave people dithering about a purchase.


Although it may seem like a lot of effort to rewrite your product descriptions, for an ecommerce site, they are arguably the most important words on your website. Just a few small tweaks can mean the difference between getting a sale or not.