5 common corporate blogging pitfalls

BlogPicture the scenario – you’ve got a corporate blog, you’re uploading lots of articles, and you’re covering a range of topics. Despite your efforts, your analytics are worse than ever, your bounce rate has increased, and nobody’s liking, sharing or commenting on your articles. This is a dilemma faced by many brands today, and it can be difficult to figure out how and why it’s going wrong.

Check out our guide to five of the most common corporate blogging pitfalls, and how to fix them – you should start to see improvements straight away!

  1. Neglecting spellcheck
    This is one of the most basic issues you can have with a blog. We’re all human, and even the best writers are guilty of the occasional typo – that’s why it’s so important to proof, proof and proof again. Start with your spellcheck function (F7 if you’re using Word) and then, if possible, ask a colleague to cast their eye over it too.
  2. Posting erratically
    Successful blogs publish articles on a regular basis because they want to develop a community of interested readers. You need to train your readers to expect new content at certain times, whether that’s several times a day or just once or twice a week. If readers encounter long periods of silence on your blog they will lose interest and find another source of information for whatever topic they want to read about.
  3. Ignoring comments
    We’re not talking about link spam comments that you should quite rightly treat with contempt. We’re talking about comments from a real people who have taken the time to read your article and to share their thoughts with your community. It’s essential that you respond to every genuine comment your blog receives, even if it’s not 100% complimentary, or there’s no direct question requiring an answer. A simple ‘thanks for your comment’ will take you two seconds to write, and will let the reader know that their post has been acknowledged and appreciated.
  4. Forgetting presentation
    It’s a sad truth to acknowledge, but you could write the most amazing, innovative, engaging blog piece on the planet, and many readers would still leave the page immediately if nothing was there to greet them but a solid block of text. Pay attention to the format of your blog articles, and make use of sub headings, images and even video clips – these instantly make your articles far more accessible to your readers.
  5. Shying away from publicity
    If you really want to grow a readership for your blog, you need to let people know how to find it! Email summaries of the latest articles to your database, and share a link to every new article on your social channels.

Put these five pointers into action and it won’t be long until your blog experiences a surge in traffic and engagement!