5 companies doing well at B2B content marketing

5 companies doing well at B2B content marketing

B2B content marketingThink that B2B companies can’t do content marketing? Think again – here are our top five examples of companies who are providing informative editorial content to their target market, and why their B2B content marketing strategies work.

1. Hargreaves Lansdown

Financial services providers Hargreaves Lansdown excel at content marketing, providing informative editorial content for their B2C and B2B markets. On the website, there are over 12,500 factsheets as well as a range of guides, news articles and market reports. These keep their target demographic informed, while positioning Hargreaves Lansdown as an expert voice in the financial market. In addition to providing a wealth of content on the site, users who download a guide can also opt-in to receive their email newsletters and free in-house magazine – an excellent way to extend and deepen the engagement with their readers.

Hargreaves Lansdown free tools screenshot

2. MailChimp

MailChimp, an email marketing provider, create a range of informative content aimed at retaining existing users as well as attracting those that may be researching email marketing.

Their guides and blogs contain beneficial information for MailChimp users, highlighting useful features and providing examples of how to improve email marketing campaigns. This content is likely to convince would-be customers that they will be able to use the system, and that there’s plenty of accessible user guides available. The research section, meanwhile, contains information that all email marketers would find insightful, such as open rates by sector and in-depth research on how to craft the most effective subject line.

MailChimp Research section screenshot

3. Crunch Accounting

Online accountants Crunch have a dedicated resources section on their website, full of valuable content aimed at their target market – small businesses and freelancers. Their content includes a range of well-targeted free-to-access guides, tools, calculators and templates.

The blog not only covers accounting, but also adds variety with other topics of interest to their demographic, such as time management, how to find clients and adjusting to working for yourself.

Crunch Resources screenshot

4. Moz

Providers of SEO software Moz are very successful content marketers, having revealed that the majority of their traffic comes via their blog. The blog is updated multiple times each day, with guest blogs and video blogs providing a varied mix of content. Moz have also created a number of detailed beginners’ guides to SEO-related topics, helping to attract new visitors who may not yet be so familiar with the world of SEO.

Moz Blog screenshot

5. Simply Business

Business insurance is far from the most exciting topic, but Simply Business have managed to create innovative content closely targeted to their audience. They have an incredibly content-rich website, packed with news articles, blogs and guides. Although insurance is covered, the focus is on content that is interesting, inspiring or beneficial to their SME audience, ensuring repeated engagement from readers. Blog posts include profiles of other businesses and marketing tips, while guides provide an introduction to popular topics such as social media marketing, analytics and blogging.

Simply Business Knowledge section screenshot

Conclusion: Create content that meets a need

These companies show that it is perfectly possible to develop a strong B2B content marketing strategy. The key is to identify common issues experienced by your target audience and, rather than repeating generic content already published, demonstrate your expertise and create truly useful content that meets their needs.