5 content marketing myths you should ignore

Online marketing mythsContent marketing is one of the most essential aspects of any modern marketing strategy – but that hasn’t stopped the rumour mill going into major overdrive. Whether it’s the amount of money it’s likely to cost or the type of content you need to create, there are all sorts of made-up stories about content flying around – so we’ve decided to shatter the illusion, debunk the myths and show you why your brand should be using content marketing to its full advantage.

  • Myth #1: Content marketing is just a trend
    Content marketing is no longer the new kid on the block – it’s established, respected and it gets results. Many brands have already seen an increase in web traffic, lead generation and sales thanks to their forward thinking content based approach – for instance, the Content Marketing Institutereports that as many as 71% of companies use content marketing for lead generation. Die hard cynics may think that content marketing is nothing but a fad, but like it or not, content marketing is here to stay. Plus, chances are your competitors are probably already using it, so if you’re not invested in the concept, you’re already falling behind.
  • Myth #2: Content marketing is a massive time drainer
    We’re not going to lie to you – content marketing will require a certain investment of time. However, if you have a consistent, easy to follow plan in place, it won’t take nearly as long as you think it might. Make it part of your routine to put together a blogpost on a particular afternoon, or tweet at certain points throughout the day, and you’ll find it a lot more manageable. Remember, to an extent its quality rather quantity that really matters, so set realistic goals that can help you achieve your target. However, if you really can’t spare the necessary minutes each day, you might want to take a look at the next myth…
  • Myth #3: Outsourcing content marketing is too expensive
    Yes, outsourcing is more expensive than writing your own content, but it’s not as expensive as many companies believe. Content marketing agencies cater for all sorts of budgets and brand sizes, and can make your entire content production process quicker, more efficient, and more likely to succeed. Do some research and get some quotes, and you’ll see that content marketing doesn’t always have to break the bank. (However, on the opposite end of the spectrum, we’d also note that really cheap content that seems too good to be true almost always is, so ask for references/examples of work and check that you’re happy with the standard before agreeing to anything concrete).
  • Myth #4: Content marketing agencies won’t be able to write in our brand voice
    As we mentioned in the previous myth, finding the right agency can be a challenge, but once you’ve found them, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to adapt to your house style. A good content agency will have a thorough briefing process, and as long as you get them up to speed on your brand’s policies and preferences, they should be able to produce authentic content in the right ‘voice’. In fact, this is the very skill you’re paying for! If there are certain areas you’d prefer to handle internally (e.g. customer queries, blog comments) agree these with your content agency in advance. Effective content marketing is all about planning, clarity and clear boundaries – with a good dash of creativity mixed in, of course!
  • Myth #5: We can only use each piece of content once
    Many brands still think that once a piece of content has been produced, it’s destined to languish in the archives, never to be seen or spoken of again. This is not (we repeat not) true! Content recycling can give your old content a new lease of life and allow you to get much more mileage out of it – for more information, check out our blog post How to recycle your content (without repeating yourself!).

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