5 copywriting tools every writer should use

5 copywriting tools every writer should use

copywriting_toolsWriting content day in, day out is hard work. Sometimes you need a little help. That’s why we’ve selected our top copywriting tools that can help make your content sparkle.

Why should I use copywriting tools?

Copywriting tools will save you time, effort and improve your writing. It would be silly not to use them!

There are hundreds of copywriting tools available on the Internet. Some paid, some free and most are pretty good!

However, nothing can replace content marketing expertise and a dash of imagination. These tools can help, but they are no substitute for the real thing.

Which copywriting tools should I use?

Like we said – there are lots to choose from. It depends on what you need it for. Do you need help with content creation, project management, the actual writing or content promotion?

Somewhere out there is a tool that will work for you, you just have to find it.

Here are our top 5 copywriting tools:

1. Yoast

Yoast is one of the best copywriting tools out there – well, it is if you’re on WordPress anyway.

It analyses your piece as you’re uploading it, and tells you if it’s:

a) Readable – i.e. If your audience will understand what you’re saying
b) SEO friendly – i.e. If Google will understand the themes of your piece

Thanks to its traffic light system, this copywriting tool makes it easy to create effective and engaging pieces that your readers (and Google) will love.

2. Copyscape

Copyscape is a great tool if you’re worried about plagiarism – whether that’s someone else ripping off your work, or your own writing not being sufficiently different from your research material.

Simply by pasting in the URL or a section of text you’re worried about, you can determine whether your piece has been flagged as plagiarised.

3. Google Keyword Planner

Use this nifty little tool from the search giant to inform your keyword strategy.

Search for keyword and ad group ideas and see how they’ve performed in the past. Use this information to decide which keywords to target in all of your marketing campaigns.

4. AnswerthePublic

This tool is great if you’re stuck for content inspiration. Your content should answer the public’s questions, and luckily they’re all here in this simple tool!

Simply type in your chosen keyword and see all the questions online searchers have asked about that keyword. From there you will have a great starting point for an article that is relevant to your audience and can educate them.

5. Words to Use

As copywriters we have lots of words rattling round our heads. However, we all have days where we can’t think of any!

When writer’s block hits, Words to Use is the tool you should go for. They’ve kindly separated words into industry and type so you can find a word you need or kick-start your brain into thinking up some fantastic phrases on your own. Give it a go!

Improve your content with our top 5 copywriting tools, today.