5 imaginative examples of B2B copywriting

5 imaginative examples of B2B copywriting

business_copywriting_B2B_content_ideas_imaginationB2B copywriting did have a reputation for being slightly boring and sometimes this still holds true. But there are an increasing number of B2B companies who have realised that well-written copy is a huge opportunity. Plus, there are also now many B2B businesses doing really well at content marketing. Here are five examples of imaginative B2B copywriting:

1.      Basecamp’s friendly micro copy

Project management software providers Basecamp have lots of delightful micro copy dotted throughout their site. One highlight is the free trial signup, which uses social proof to encourage you to give the free trial a try (11,515 others can’t be wrong?).
B2B_1a Basecamp
The footer text is also a change from the norm – they cheerfully encourage visitors to “Enjoy the rest of your Friday!”.
B2B_1b Basecamp
Despite being a business-to-business tool, the copy on the Basecamp website is warm, personal and friendly, making browsing their site a more positive experience and leaving visitors feeling that using their software may be a positive experience, too.

2. Shutterstock’s informative blog

Stock photography site Shutterstock faces increasing competition from free photo websites and new stock photography providers. To help keep traffic going to them, not competitors, they have an excellent blog with a mix of topical posts, weekly free images and informative articles.
B2B_2a Shutterstock
B2B_2b Shutterstock
The high quality, up-to-the minute content will help keep Shutterstock in the top search engine results and at front-of-mind for businesses looking for stock photography.

3. Helpful how-to guides from Sage

Sage provide comprehensive how-to guides for small business owners – the exact same audience that are likely to be interested in their financial software. Their cash flow guide is well-written and nicely illustrated, and follows best practice by breaking copy up into sections for ease of reading.
B2B_3 Sage
By providing valuable information for free, Sage are building trust with potential customers, plus starting a relationship with them by obtaining their email address.

4. Moo’s persuasive product pages

The copy on Moo’s product pages is carefully crafted to lead to sales. The key features are at the top of the page in clear and concise bullet points. Underneath there’s more detail on each of the features in descriptive and persuasive language.
Further down the page, perhaps for browsers who aren’t sure, there’s supplementary information on how the cards can be used and the reassuring “Moo promise”.
B2B_4 Moo

5. Slack’s fun tweets

Team communication tool Slack don’t let their business audience stop them having fun on Twitter. Even tweets about new features are entertaining, a stark contrast to some B2B Twitter accounts.
B2B_5a Slack
B2B_5b Slack

Elevate B2B copywriting from boring to brilliant

Working with a B2B copywriter, whether that’s someone in-house or a B2B-experienced copywriting agency, can elevate business to business copy from boring to interesting, engaging and even fun, as these examples demonstrate. By knowing your target audience and staying on-brand whilst giving a sense of originality to all copy, B2B content marketing can drive more sales and build wider brand trust.