5 imaginative examples of digital marketing copywriting

5 imaginative examples of digital marketing copywriting

digital marketing copywritingBusinesses in the digital marketing industry particularly need to use their content to demonstrate their expertise, show thought leadership and build authority in their niche. These five businesses stand out in this fast-moving field thanks to excellent digital marketing copywriting.

1.      We Are Social’s highly sharable slideshares

Social media agency We are Social show they are ahead of the game with their Curiosity Stop series. Created on Slideshare, the succinct summary of notable innovations is cleverly written to maximise shareability.

Unsurprisingly for a social agency, social media is fully integrated into the slides, with a tweetable quote ready to share.

Digital 1a - We are Social

Digital 1b - We are Social

Distribution is further maximised by adding the slides to the We Are Social blog, along with more detailed commentary.

2. Sticky Eyes digital copywriting

Sticky Eyes’ digital marketing copywriter has created a very distinct tone for their website. The copy is markedly different to most digital marketing agencies, with much less jargon and a friendly, conversational tone which makes them highly memorable.

Digital 2 - Sticky Eyes

3. Distilled’s comprehensive resources section

Online marketing agency Distilled display their commitment to sharing knowledge more than most with their comprehensive resource section. In addition to detailed blogs, they write in-depth  how-to guides and even have their own online university, Distilled U.

Digital 3 - Distilled

By working with a digital marketing copywriter to create comprehensive and thorough resources, like Distilled, you can demonstrate the depth of expertise in your team, while positioning yourselves as go-to experts in your sector.

4. Buzzsumo and Moz white paper

White papers are a tried and tested content marketing tactic, but the high volume out there means you need to produce something special to stand out.

Buzzsumo and Moz’s recent report covered a popular topic – how to get shares and links to your content – backed by some serious data.

Digital 4 - Buzzsumo-Moz

Creating a highly useful and citable report covering a compelling topic is just the start: both Moz and BuzzSumo ensured it got traction by distributing it via their blogs, social channel and email newsletter.

5. Buffer’s blogs

Buffer have openly categorised their blog posts into four categories, allowing them to reach people at all stages of the purchase funnel. They create thought leadership and broad tactical posts to help people discover them, then write what they call “deep tactical” posts, directly related to the Buffer product offering (a social media scheduling tool) for people further down the funnel.

For example, this blog on social media calendars gives a detailed overview of social media calendars available, before introducing the social media calendar functionality for Buffer paid users.

Digital 5a - Buffer

Digital 5b - Buffer

By providing the detailed information and analysis prior, this feels less like a sales pitch, and they have already helped build trust and authority through their more general tactical blogs where the product isn’t mentioned.

Getting results from digital marketing copywriting

Whether you run an online marketing agency or create digital marketing software, good digital marketing copywriting can be instrumental in helping build authority, and brand recognition, thus growing your business. From the right web copy to successful white papers, strong and thoughtful digital copywriting can help attract, engage and convert your customers.