5 imaginative examples of education copywriting

5 imaginative examples of education copywriting

education copywriting imaginative ideasEducational institutions need to use copy effectively for a number of different purposes – to attract students, to persuade prospective students or parents that theirs is the right school or university and to deliver information clearly.
Education copywriting produces a vast amount of copy but isn’t always imaginative in its focus, nor following copywriting best practice. Here are five that stand out with strong, targeted copy.

1. Aspirational content from Millfield School

Independent school Millfield use copy to great effect on their microsite, where a number of students are featured sharing their experiences. Each child is described with three attributes given as adult job titles, such as scientist, diplomat and linguist.
Education 1a - Millwall site
This juxtaposition of the child with adult titles appeals to parents’ hopes for their children’s success, and encourages them to read more of the content on how the school enables such opportunities. The ensuing content follows the child’s daily activities that explore those job role qualities.
Education 1b - Millwall activities
The content is highly engaging, keeping readers’ attention throughout with images and quotes. By making the practical and learning activities highly visible, the school formulates itself as a strong basis for those job-title futures.

2. University of Bath: research-based Twitter

The University of Bath uses social media expertly to foreground interesting stories that might otherwise get lost within such a large organisation.
Their tweets are well-written and crafted with Twitter in mind, including hashtags, shortened links and @mentions.
Education 2 - Bath tweets
These engaging tweets help them reach a wider audience and present Bath University as the forefront of interesting research, building ‘brand’ trust and a perception of sector excellence.

3. Falmouth University: immersive course descriptions

Falmouth University’s education copywriting has taken their course descriptions to the next level. As well as the usual information on the course, there is a huge bank of supporting content, including examples of student’s work, case studies, quotes from graduates and much more.
Education 3 - Falmouth course page
The course description also links directly through to the blog, populated by current staff and students. This highly immersive approach is likely to keep prospective students on Falmouth’s website longer, increasing the chances they’ll decide Falmouth is the right University for them.

4. Persuasive copy on MyTutorWeb

Online tutoring is a growing area, but parents and students need to be convinced that their investment in tutoring will pay off. MyTutorWeb uses copy effectively on their homepage to emphasise trust and quality.
Education 4 - MyTutor page
The use of words like “the best”, “safe” and “trusted” help reassure visitors that tutoring through the site will be beneficial, while extra stats like “20,000+ bookings” and “95% of tutorials rated” five stars help back up the claims made by the headlines.

5. Hertfordshire University: enabling user journeys

University sites are often large, unwieldy and difficult to navigate. Hertfordshire University use micro copy on their site to help simplify and personalise navigation. The menu is labelled with “I want to…” and “Go to…”, enabling visitors to more naturally find, identify with and navigate to the information they are interested in.
Education 5 - Hertfordshire navigation
Little details like these can make a big difference in the overall user experience of the website –helping the user feel understood, and possibly contributing to a decision to study with Hertfordshire.


Although education may not spring to mind when it comes to imaginative and innovative copy, these examples make clear that education copywriters can create and frame clever content. By focusing on appealing to the needs and key interests of their readers, all these examples of education copywriting stand out above other institutions or competitors.