5 imaginative examples of lifestyle and fashion copywriting

5 imaginative examples of lifestyle and fashion copywriting

fashion and lifestyle copywritingFashion and lifestyle is an ultra-competitive and fast moving world. There are so many different brands that lifestyle and fashion copywriting needs to really encapsulate the appeal that their brand represents. Also, as most fashion and lifestyle products are luxuries, not essentials, writers need to work extra hard to convert desire for the products they’re writing about into sales.

Here are five examples of imaginative lifestyle and fashion copywriting that really get into understanding their customers and writing to their desires.

1.      ASOS’s great confirmation emails

ASOS are experts at fashion copywriting. They were well ahead of the game with content marketing, and they are brilliant at ensuring their brand ethos is embedded across all their copy.

Their confirmation emails are just one small example – they get all the essential info across, without losing their fashion-focused brand voice.

Lifestyle 1_ASOS

2. Net-a-Porter

Despite the subject matter, which lends itself well to content marketing, there are still relatively few fashion retailers investing heavily in content marketing. A notable exception is Net-a-Porter, who create so much content that at first glance they seem more like a publisher than a retailer. In addition to their shoppable print magazine, Porter, they produce an excellent weekly online magazine called The Edit.

Lifestyle 2_NetaPorter

The content is akin to a high-end glossy magazine, with celebrity interviews and travel features selling readers on the Net-a-porter lifestyle as much as the products.

3.’s Facebook captions focus on products that are different from the masses, and this transfers across nicely to their Facebook page, where they feature products along with witty captions that help followers identify with the products being sold.

Lifestyle 3a_NOTHS

Lifestyle 3b_NOTHS

This approach provokes a strong “me too” reaction, and has proved highly successful for Notonthehighstreet’s lifestyle copywriters, with posts garnering thousands of likes and shares.

4. Cult Beauty product descriptions

The luxury beauty market is hugely crowded, so retailers have to work hard to convince buyers that their product is the one they need. The Cult Beauty website does this through excellently written product pages. As well as a description, reviews and information on how to use, Cult Beauty goes one step further by including information on why each product is “cult”.

Lifestyle 4_CultBeauty

As an extra touch, there’s no buy button, instead you can “join the waitlist”, and nothing says exclusivity more than a product you can’t buy.

5. Kate Spade’s fashion copywriting

The fashion copywriting on Kate Spade’s website steers clear of the standard clichés and instead tells a story about the type of person who purchases their products.

fashion copywriting by Kate Spade

Lifestyle 5b_KateSpade

This will appeal to the many potential buyers who, for example, identify with drinking champagne at Christmas parties.

Lifestyle and fashion copywriting that sells

To successfully sell products, lifestyle and fashion writers need to get a deep understanding of the desires of their target audience. This will allow you to write copy that not only appeals, but goes that step further to convince them that it’s your brand and lifestyle they want to buy into.