5 imaginative examples of sports copywriting

5 imaginative examples of sports copywriting

sports copywritingSports copywriting has lots of opportunities to get imaginative – each sport has its own lingo to bring into the mix, not to mention the vivid descriptions of sporting triumph and a raft of analogies and puns. But some sports writing is even better than the rest. Here’s five sports retailers, gyms and challenge-event sites that would take gold medal in a sports copywriting championship.

1. Lululemon’s targeted gift guides

Gifts guides are all over the place at this time of year, but most are fairly similar. Instead of going for the standard gift guide categories, Yoga retailer Lululemon created their own activity based categories like ‘the cozy yogi’ and ‘the trailblazer’ for outdoor runners.
Sports 1_Lululemon
Each category is brought to life with a detailed description users can identify with, which helps the gift guide to come across as useful and even personalised, rather than salesy.

2. Kitbag ‘shop by player’ option

Kitbag have cleverly structured their menu to allow people to shop football kits in a more intuitive way. Other retailers just list kits by club, but Kitbag has added the item ‘shop by player’ to their main menu.
Clicking the ‘shop by player’ link brings up a list of the most popular players, all of which have their own dedicated page, complete with keyword-rich content.
Sports 2_Kitbag
For those in the market for a particular footballer’s kit, this provides a much more intuitive to way to shop. Structuring the shop in this way also means they rank above Manchester City’s own web shop when searching for Aguero kits, mastering SEO marketing.

3. Virgin Active Microcopy

We’ve already talked about how Virgin add fun to financial copy, and they’ve taken a similar approach with functional microcopy on the Virgin Active website.
Copy that would normally be purely functional has been given a lighthearted touch.
Sports 3a_Virgin Active
The cookie policy refers to chocolate chip cookies, softening the formal language. When you search for your nearest club, they’ve created friendly, pun-filled copy that effectively reduces annoyance when there isn’t a Virgin Active in your area. So even if they can’t serve your immediate need, they’ve still left a good customer experience.
Sports 3b_Virgin Active

4. Errant’s niche blogs

The best sports copywriters will identify the questions asked online by a specific niche, then create quality content that answers their question. Errant, a surf travel provider, has done exactly that, creating blog posts around super-niche search terms like ‘what wetsuit do I need in Morocco?’
Sports 4_ErrantSurf
Unsurprisingly, they rank number one for this question, enabling their website to get found by potential surf trip bookers, while presenting themselves as helpful and knowledgeable surf travel agents.

5. Highly persuasive sports copywriting from Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder have come out all guns blazing with persuasive copy on their website. They’ve used every persuasive trick in the book to convert interest into sign ups: combining a well-laid out bullet-point ‘pledge’, helping users understand the Mudder concept, with punchy quotes and nicely crafted reasons to do the challenge, which really identify with their target audience.
Sports 5a_Mudder
Sports 5b_Mudder
Call to actions are bold and stand out, made more urgent with the upcoming price increase, to make sure people sign up now, not later.
Sports 5c_Mudder

Winning sports writing

These examples show that to beat the rest, online sports copywriters need to get continually imaginative with their copy, writing user-focused content that always keeps search engines in mind.

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