5 imaginative examples of travel copywriting

5 imaginative examples of travel copywriting

travel copywritingIn order to ‘take off’ in the competitive travel sector, tour operators, airlines, hotels and other travel businesses need to work hard to get their content found, read and shared. It takes a combination of copywriting best practice, good channel targeting, and excellent understanding of customer journeys and needs.
These five travel companies have taken travel copywriting to the next level.

1. Airbnb’s comprehensive area guides

Airbnb have got their travel copywriting spot on in their comprehensive area guides. Travel guides are nothing new, but Airbnb combine quotes, pictures, maps and local tips to make must-read insider guides to popular global destinations.
Travel 1a Airbnb
The guides target travellers who are at the research stage and may not have booked accommodation for their trip yet. Call to actions to book Airbnb accommodation are cleverly  incorporated throughout the guide – with useful quotes from property owners rather than overt promotions.
By combining content that’s gone the extra mile with well-written meta-descriptions, it’s no surprise Airbnb find themselves on page one for competitive terms.
Travel 1b Airbnb Google

2. Virgin’s personalized email marketing

Virgin take personalised emails one step further. We’re used to email newsletters personalised with our names, but this email was personalised with the name of my town (“you could be lunching in X today…”).
Travel 2 Virgin email
The unique personalisation makes this email stand out in a crowded inbox, making this travel option seem more personal to the recipient. But although this approach can be highly successful if used sparingly, go too far and it could seem a bit creepy.

3. Sta Travel’s blogs

Sta Travel uses its popular blog to provide a new take on travel destinations. This blog entitled “How to follow Bilbo through Middle Earth” got over 1,400 shares on social media.
Travel 3 STA Travel
Although the titles of some of Sta Travel’s blogs might seem like click bait, their travel copywriters follow up with strong, detailed and informative content written in a style to appeal to their target audience of students and gap year travellers.

4. Innovative social media content from the Trainline

As travel content goes, train fares are not the most exciting thing for a travel copywriter to write about – however, the Trainline’s social media content is consistently engaging, with a mix of informative content, tips and fun blogs.
Travel 4 Trainline
As a result the Trainline has over 70,000 followers on its Facebook page, with their most popular content receiving up to 500 shares.

5. Detailed property descriptions from Unique Homestays

There’s so much choice when it comes to renting a self-catering holiday house – it’s no longer enough to trot out a standard description.
Unique Homestays use evocative travel writing to bring the experience of staying in one of their properties to life, with a highly informative property page that goes way beyond the standard details.
Travel 5a Unique Homestays
Travel 5b Unique Homestays
The extra detail provided by the travel copywriter allows prospective renters to vividly imagine their holiday at a Unique Homestays property, meaning competitors that offer less detail will find it almost impossible to compete.

Travel copywriting tip: go further to stand out

The popularity of travel writing – and of customer use of online channels to find deals – means that it’s harder than ever to get noticed. With so much competition, good content just isn’t good enough – content needs to be targeted, well designed and innovative, catering to customers’ interests, grabbing their attention and stimulating their imagination.