5 things copywriters don’t do

5 things copywriters don’t do

what copywriters don't doThere’s a lot of things copywriters can help with – writing compelling website copy, creating blogs, crafting content for emails, landing pages and much more. But, as we know from our experience as a content marketing agency, there are also several things copywriters don’t generally do, but do get asked for. Here’s our top five examples…

1. Branding

It isn’t a copywriter’s job to create your brand, and your brand identity is something that you should have in place before commissioning a copywriter. To enable them to write and represent your brand correctly, you should provide your copywriter with information on the ethos and values of your brand, and ideally tone of voice guidelines. Having these in place will allow your copywriter to focus on the job in hand – successfully conveying your message in line with your existing brand.

2. Marketing strategy

Similarly, copywriters aren’t there to create your entire marketing strategy. Although copywriting can form an important part of a marketing and content strategy, it’s a part of the execution rather than the strategy itself. Before you start to think about copywriting services, you need to devise a strategic plan and work out how content fits into your overall marketing strategy.

3. Content distribution

Although some copywriters can play a part in helping to distribute your content, this is a different service to the copywriting itself. If you would like tweets or PPC ads written to promote the content your copywriter is writing for you, make sure you negotiate this as an additional service (more usually a service offered by a content marketing agency). There’s also much more to content distribution than sending a few tweets – it’s very important you have a content distribution strategy in place, or even excellent content can get very little traffic.

4. Design

Another thing copywriters definitely don’t do is design. Copywriters provide the words, designers put them into a design. If you’d like copy for an advert, poster or infographic, it makes sense for your copywriter to work with a designer from an early stage, so that the words and design complement each other, rather than bringing your copywriter on at the last minute and asking them to write words to be shoehorned into an existing design.

5. Website development

This is also the case with website development. Although copywriters can’t help develop your website, they can provide input on the right copy to use. So if you’re thinking about redesigning your website, it’s a good idea to get a copywriter on board at an early stage, so they can work with your web developer and designer from the outset.

And finally…

Copywriters don’t copyright – copyrighter is a commonly used misspelling. Copyright is a legal term for intellectual property, and unfortunately copywriters don’t generally provide legal services!

When to use copywriters or copywriting services

In conclusion, if you’re looking for someone to write excellent copy, a professional copywriter or copywriting agency is what you need. If however, you’re in the market for branding, design, marketing strategy or even legal services, then you need someone else entirely!