5 ways to get your 2018 content marketing off to a good start

5 ways to get your 2018 content marketing off to a good start

The new year is here and it’s only right that you get your 2018 content marketing off to a great start!2018 content marketing

However, this might be easier said than done, as content marketing is evolving to include many elements traditionally associated with digital marketing.

How you use content marketing is likely to change in the coming year, but if you prepare now you might still be able to succeed in your 2018 content marketing efforts.

That’s where we can help. Follow this best practice guide, and we think you’ll have a simply smashing year!

5 ways to boost your 2018 content marketing efforts

1. Create a content marketing strategy

Every company should have a content marketing strategy that outlines the company’s vision and goals for the year ahead.

This will guide your team throughout the year, help ensure your staff stick to your brand values and act as a starting-point for content inspiration.

It will also make it much easier to create a series of content marketing goals to achieve in 2018. With these in place, you’ll be ready to create a great plan for your 2018 content marketing.

2. Build a content strategy

Just in case you haven’t already done so, you should create and document a content strategy for your team to follow. This is basically a process for managing content from inception to publication, and beyond.

It’s a key marketing asset, and has been attributed to the success of many content marketers – so think about creating a content strategy today!

Be sure to include a precise workflow for all content (with maximum durations for tasks) and clearly reflect each team member’s responsibilities.

You could even build on this and create a content calendar to help you pin down the areas you’re going to focus on each month. That way, you’ll know you’ve got everything covered!

3. Concentrate on content creation and distribution

One thing remains a constant in content marketing and that won’t change: high-quality and engaging content that educates the audience is essential for content marketing success.

However, the majority of your content must be original and really give your SEO/organic presence a boost. Creativity and coming at things from a refreshing angle is really important, otherwise you just won’t stand out in the vast sea of content out there.

For your 2018 content marketing efforts you should also vary your approach to content. Tailor your content for different channels and mediums. Remember, there are lots of different types of content (not just blogs) that can really help support the customer journey.

Visual content will become even more popular in 2018, so make sure you include it in your strategy. This content type is easy to digest and is becoming simpler to make, so you have no excuse not to create a range of pictures, infographics and snazzy pages to grab your audience’s attention.

However, remember that your content must support your customers’ journey and be relevant to their situation. If it isn’t, it won’t be effective, and all your 2018 content marketing energy will have gone into content that will underperform.

4. Start using personalisation strategies

Personalising your content is key to creating a close bond with your site’s visitors, and is going to be a big thing in 2018 content marketing.

It’s already gaining a lot of traction and users are beginning to expect certain levels of personalisation. Here are a few methods you could try:

  • Segment your audience (demographics, interests, location, engagement etc.)
  • Address individuals by name
  • Make highly-personalised/targeted recommendations based on past purchases/activity

5. Think about mobile first!

The mobile-first search index is about to drop (but no one knows when). We predict that it’s going to be in 2018, so act now and get ready for it!

Not only is it important for Google that you optimise your content for mobile, your customers love mobile content too! Estimates say that almost 80% of all internet usage will be from mobile in 2018, so don’t run the risk of not creating mobile-friendly content.

You should also prepare to use other platforms as they enter the market. Chatbots are proving popular among many B2C businesses, so it stands to reason that they’ll infiltrate the B2B market soon.

Be ready for messaging platforms and voice assistants, too – these are two platforms set to boom in the year ahead!

So, there we have 5 ways to get your 2018 content marketing off to a good start. We hope our ideas help!

Oh, and one final thing … HAPPY NEW YEAR!