5 ways to improve your Facebook page – today!

5 ways to improve your Facebook page – today!

Thumbs Up Facebook SymbolDoes your brand’s Facebook page need a bit of a refresh? Here are five simple changes that can revitalise a stagnant page:

1. Update your cover photo

Gone are the days when you could simply add a logo as a profile picture and leave it to sit in the same place for years on end – with the introduction of cover photos, consumers are now expecting something a little more innovative and creative from their favourite brands. Many experts recommend updating cover photos as often as once a month, but even if you can’t stretch to this, it’s still advisable to give your photo a facelift from time to time. Make a promotional image of your latest product, take pictures of your staff or store, or simply create a few different incarnations of your company logo and branding so that you can rotate the pictures and keep your cover photo fresh and interesting.

2. Review your About section

Too many businesses write a hurried, generic blurb when they’re setting up their profile page and then completely forget to update it as aspects of the business change. First, double-check all the basic information – have you moved offices, swapped email addresses or changed telephone numbers since you first created your page? Once you’re sure that all of the details are correct, you can work on putting together a better, more engaging description of your business and what you offer.

3. Update your milestones

A bit of background information about your company is always well-received, and Facebook’s ‘milestones’ feature provides a handy way to make these details easily accessible. Simply adding updates that indicate when the company was created, when certain members of staff joined and when significant developments happened can instantly give your Facebook page a personable aspect that allows people to track the growth of your company.

4. Add visual content

Visual content on Facebook tends to generate more engagement than solid blocks of text. A Zabisco study revealed that 40% of consumers will respond better to visual information than plain text. If your company doesn’t have its own original images, you can still post visual content by sharing images already in circulation that are relevant to your industry. Sharing YouTube videos is also a great way of adding rich media to your brand’s Facebook page.

5. Link out to your other social channels

Facebook probably isn’t your only social media channel. Depending on your sector and strategy, you may also have a presence on other platforms, such as Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Add links to your other pages and profiles to your Facebook page, and post the occasional piece of cross-platform content (e.g. you could link to one of your Pinterest boards from Facebook). However, make sure you don’t fall into the trap of routinely duplicating the same content across all of your platforms – this is a quick way to lose your fans!

We hope these tips will help give your brand’s Facebook page a new lease of life. Just remember to respond to everybody who shows interest in your content – like all social channels, Facebook is a two-way medium.