5 ways to improve your Twitter page – today!

Improve Twitter page
Improve Twitter page

Does your business’s Twitter profile stand out from the crowd? With more and more users joining the growing chorus of “Tweeters” – including a good chunk of the competition – it’s more important than ever to make sure your own page is instantly memorable, and expresses the energy and character of your brand. Here are 5 quick fixes that can give your Twitter efforts an instant boost:

1.    Customise your background

Visitors to your Twitter profile won’t always consciously register what your background is, but it will give them their first subconscious impression of your business – so you need to make sure it’s a good one! Choose a striking, hi-res image, and modify it to 1280 x 800 pixels, which will give you 108 pixels on each side of your main column. Display this image along with your brand colours to create an eye-catching customised background for your Twitter profile.

2.    Change your profile photo

Together with your chosen background, your profile picture summarises the visual identity of your business. Make sure that the two contrast but also complement each other – for example, you could pair a photographic background with your company logo as the profile picture, or combine a minimalist profile picture with a more complex background image. Try to capture two of the main qualities or selling points of your business, and make sure the two images work in harmony to promote your brand.

3.    Tighten up your bio

The 160-character bio that appears below your profile picture is every visitor’s first stop to find out exactly what your business is all about – particularly if this isn’t immediately apparent from your company name or Twitter username. When it comes to Twitter bios, less is more. Don’t feel you must use the full 160 characters if you can adequately describe your business in fewer. A concise, witty bio is much easier to take in, and gives your potential customers the impression of efficiency and confidence. Adding your location to your bio is also a must – quite simply, it helps people find you!

4.    Update regularly

We’re not just talking about your daily tweets – the visual aspect of your page needs to updated regularly, too. Fashion moves fast, and if your Twitter page doesn’t change its look at least every few months, your brand risks appearing stagnant, and being left behind by your more innovative rivals. Aim to vary your background and profile picture several times a year, and give your clients (past, present and future) something to look forward to when they click through to your profile.

5.    Use lists

Twitter’s ‘Lists’ feature is often ignored or under-used, but it’s actually a very efficient way to segment the people you’re following. Let’s say you follow a few hundred people, comprising your friends, customers, industry leaders, and press. You can create four lists of the same names and assign each person to one or more of these lists (if Joe Smith is your friend but he’s also a journalist, you can add him to your ‘Friends’ list as well as your ‘Press’ list). You can then select lists to view in your news feed, making it easier to engage with your chosen segment. Done correctly, this is a massive time-saver, and can help you spot opportunities for PR or new business that you might otherwise miss if you view everybody’s updates in the same news feed.

Implement these 5 tips to improve your Twitter profile and we’re confident your page will be given a new lease of life!