62% of companies do not have a content marketing strategy

It was only last week that we blogged about BtoB’s latest study, which revealed increasingly positive attitudes towards content marketing, so the results of eConsultancy’s latest report have come as something of a surprise.

The digital marketing blog has just announced the results of their first Content Marketing Survey Report – a survey which showed that just 38% of companies currently have a content marketing strategy in place. It seems that although content marketing is a good idea in principle, the majority of businesses have trouble putting it into practice.

The report, which was produced in association with Outbrain, was based on information from 1,300 digital marketing professionals in a variety of industries, from branding to publishing – demonstrating the fact that there are difficulties with implementation across the board.

It seems that big brands, at least, are recognising the importance of content marketing. James Keady, digital marketing manager at McLaren automotive, advocated the discipline, saying that “content is the voice of your brand and it is therefore important to allocate the respect, investment and focus it requires”. However, as he went on to explain, “creating great content is difficult and delivering great content consistently through established processes is complex,” highlighting the complications that can arise when trying to put a strategy in place.

Regardless of the low percentage of those using it at the moment, the future of content marketing still seems positive. More than 90% of those questioned believed that content marketing will become more important during the next year, so regardless of the size of your company or the industry you work within, it may be worth investing some time and effort into putting a content strategy together.

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