8 web writing tips

Web writingHow can you successfully communicate your brand’s message to your website’s visitors? Here are 8 ways:
1)    Your web writing needs to spell out why people should buy from you and not your competitors: we live in a world of similar businesses with similar prices targeting similar customers. Tell people why they should bother to buy from you.
2)    Highlight all the customer benefits of what’s on offer as well as a clear explanation of the product or service. Don’t go overboard on technicalities: you only need to tell people enough to get them interested and motivate them to take action; you don’t need to educate them about every single detail straightaway.
3)    Weave your keywords into the text (and especially into your headings) to improve your chances of a good search engine ranking.
4)    Structure your text so the main points are put across even to people who initially scan your website copy, rather than read it in detail. Use headings and formatting with this in mind.
5)    Write to your customers, not just about the product or service.
6)    Put your message forward in clear, concise English – no jargon or corporate-speak.
7)    Drop ‘teasers’, ‘tasters’ and ‘soundbites’ into your web writing to stir up the desire in your visitors to know more about what you can do for them.
8)    Make sure your copywriting is crafted in keeping with the graphic design and layout of your website.