9 reasons to start blogging today

9 reasons to start blogging today

Not yet writing a blog for your business? You should be. Here are 9 reasons why you should start blogging today:

1.   Adding between 21 and 51 blog posts to your site boosts traffic by up to 30%

2. … And when you’ve added at least 52 blog posts, your traffic increases by 77%! (TrafficGenerationCafe)

3. Companies that blog receive 97% more inbound links

4. … and 434% more indexed pages than businesses which do not blog (HubSpot)

5. Small businesses with 1-10 employees receive the biggest benefit of blogging more frequently: they can double their sales leads by increasing their number of blog posts from 3-5 to 6-8 per month (HubSpot)

6. Businesses that blog more than 15 times a month generate 5 times more web traffic than those that don’t blog at all (HubSpot)

7. Blog posts with more than 1,800 words receive the most links from other websites (Moz)

8. The ideal blog piece takes 7 minutes to read – that’s between 1,000 and 1,600 words long, depending on use of imagery (Buffer)

9. If a blog post is greater than 1,500 words, on average it receives 68.1% more tweets and 22.6% more Facebook likes (Quick Sprout)

So what are you waiting for? Start blogging your way to success!