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web copyWith so many web pages and only so many hours in the day; potential customers will spend only seconds looking at your site before moving on – so how can you make those seconds count?
Your readers will be looking for web copy which is easy to scan, signposting key messages quickly and clearly. We’ve frequently discussed the importance of using clear and concise language on this blog and it comes into play again here. Potential customers need to be able to understand what you are saying or selling instantly; hence jargon-free, simple, effective prose is required.
For each page of web copy, you should be looking to front-load your content by putting your key message at the top of the copy, rather than reserving it for the conclusion; as is more common across traditional media.  This enables readers to decide instantly if they are on the right page or not and captures their attention. Sub-headings can have a similar effect by clearly signposting the site’s content and allowing users to find their target quicker and easier.
Once you have your content, there are several formatting steps you can take to achieve maximum impact, such as emboldening key messages. This instantly draws the eye of the reader to what you want to say. This will naturally happen on links, so make sure that your linking text says something you want to be read, not just ‘click here’.
By applying these simple steps you can be sure you’re web copy is more likely to turn a roving eye into a ready customer.
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