Blog writing tips for small businesses

Blog writing is an essential part of any content marketing strategy. Creating interesting, engaging posts with targeted keywords is a great way to make friends with Google, interact with your clients, give helpful tips and, ultimately, generate leads and sales for your business.

However, starting and regularly writing a blog is a time consuming endeavour – particularly difficult for SMEs. With a smaller workforce and a more limited budget than your larger competitors, you may think you don’t have the time or the resources to undertake this kind of project. However, with some consideration, careful planning, and a little bit of extra effort, it is possible! These blog writing tips should help to get you started.

Create a schedule

It’s much easier to write a blog when you’ve given yourself a specific slot of time to do so. To keep your blog fresh and current, we’d recommend a minimum of two pieces a week, so choose days that work best for you and your team members. For instance, if you tend to have a lull on Friday afternoons, use this time to come up with some content for the following week.

Brainstorm your titles

By coming up with a whole batch of suitable titles in one go, you won’t waste valuable time every week wondering what to write about. Call a brief team meeting and bounce ideas off one another – if everyone contributes a couple of usable titles, you should have enough options to keep you going for a month or more. All you need to do then is keep on top of newsworthy topics, and your blog should have a great balance of regular content. If you get writer’s block at any point, check out our 5 quick fix blog topics for easy inspiration.

Divide and conquer

The easiest way to make sure your blog gets updated consistently is to play to your strengths and split the workload accordingly. If you’re great with tips and advice, but your colleague has an eye for breaking news, agree to cover your respective areas so that the writing workload doesn’t overload one individual.

Invest in guest bloggers

The great thing about guest blogging is that it’s mutually beneficial for both parties – they get the publicity for their company, you get a free blog post for your readers to enjoy. Ask people you’ve worked with previously if they’d like to contribute, or approach editors of blogs in complementary sectors (i.e. industries that are targeting the same readership as you, without being in direct competition). It’s a great exercise for you to edit the piece as well – looking at articles from the other side will give you an insight into what you should be doing more (or less!) of in your own pieces.

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