From branded content to transparency – content marketing trends

From branded content to transparency – content marketing trends

macbook representing branded contentConsumers are going cuckoo for branded content

Consumers love branded content! That’s according to a new study from Ipsos Connect.

We’re talking blogs and other written copy, as well as images and videos.

When consumers experienced branded content, 51% said they intended to buy from the brand.

Branded content statistics
Graphic courtesy of Ipsos Connect

If a standard advert converted this well, its creator would immediately be crowned king of advertising.

Branded content beats regular ads because it’s:

  • Believable
  • Original
  • Entertaining

So, why do consumers like branded content so much?

Freedom to choose what content to read/watch – from a selection of tailored resources – is important. Consumers use ad blockers because they don’t want to be interrupted while online. Instead, they want pick and choose what they consume, and branded content is just the ticket.

Content marketing revenue up by 14%Children using laptop

Companies are getting stuck in with content marketing at an ever-speedy rate, research from US-based PQ Media has highlighted.

In the first half of 2017, content marketing revenue shot up by 14%! B2C content marketing is growing at a much faster rate than B2B.

B2C content marketing is growing at a much faster rate than B2B. PQ Media says social media, mobile devices and gaming are key to this growth.

According to CEO Patrick Quinn: “brand marketers have become more organised and there has been gradual improvement in ROI metrics.”

So, content marketing is here to stay. Phew!

Spotted in the news…'Quiet zone' street sign

Donald Trump missed a political gimme this week when he refused to call out a whole bunch of unsavoury characters from the far right who marched – flaming torches in hand – on Charlottesville, Virginia.

The fallout has been nothing short of epic. Political rivals, allies and other world leaders have all condemned the President’s official statements.

For content marketers, there’s a lesson here about transparency. Avoiding difficult topics will turn an audience against you. Ambiguity has no place in honest communication.