Brexit – from a content marketing perspective.

Brexit – from a content marketing perspective.

Well, it’s happening. The people have spoken and Great Britain is leaving the European Union. Winning by a 2.1% margin, Brexit supporters woke on Friday morning to the news of their success.Brexit

Since the story broke (about 4.30am for those of you who didn’t stay up all night), David Cameron has resigned as Prime Minister, Scotland has threatened a second independence referendum, the FTSE 100 index fell 8% and the pound dropped more than 10%, hitting $1.3266 (the lowest it has been since 1985). There’s also been some back-pedalling from Farage and some of the Leave spokespeople, but we won’t say much about that.


Needless to say, this is a time of uncertainty and a lot of our questions can’t be answered. But how will Brexit affect your brand over the next few weeks?

A content marketing diet?

The knee-jerk reaction to a state of uncertainty is to pause all unnecessary business operations. Anything superfluous to the company’s core aim tends to be put on hold until we know where the land lies. Sadly, content marketing often falls into this category. We believe that during a major transition is the most important time to be concentrating on your content marketing strategy. Of course we’re going to say that – we’re a copywriting agency! But here are our reasons why:

It’s all about the confidence

Gok Wan was right! Presenting yourself, or your company, in a confident manner is appealing for your audience – especially in troubling and unstable times. By establishing a sense of tenacity, strength and spirit through your content marketing, you will assure your audience that, from you are very much still open for business. You’ll persuade your readers to look to your brand as a thought leader and an authority figure – a steadfast and unwavering organisation in a time of flux.

There’s nothing worse than going quiet

Marketing, quite simply, is a means of communicating your brand’s message to its audience. During a period of unrest and uncertainty, it is more important than ever to make your voice heard. In the 21st Century, that means being active online. Keep blogging, keep emailing your customers, keep educating them with guides and white papers, and keep disseminating helpful information via your social media channels.

Going quiet is the worst thing to do. Once the storm passes, your audience will have forgotten you ever existed. Instead, they’ll be doing deals with your competitors who kept communicating with them throughout the turmoil

Keep your high quality content in the face of Brexit

Address the issues that are occurring around you. Don’t shy away from the fact that many things are unknown about the future. Emphasise the fact that you are prepared for these changes and welcome the challenges they present. If Brexit has implications for your industry, you owe it to your readers to be honest and tell them what, if anything, your company intends to do to adjust.

By engaging with the issues you can boost your company’s standing, but only if it is done properly. Writing politically-charged posts is likely to cause offence to a significant portion of your audience, so it is best to stay focused on facts and analysis.

The repercussions of leaving the EU are likely to last for generations, but the next few weeks will be crucial in establishing your company’s place in this new world. That’s why it is vital to secure a budget for your content marketing strategy. By keeping the lines of communication open, and positioning your brand as a trusted authority in its field, you will earn, and keep, the confidence of your customers in this new post-referendum era.