Business blogs: What’s in a name?

When you first set up a business blog, you have two options for hosting – a standard blog platform such as or self-hosting via a variety of methods. If you sign up to a platform, your blog name will be generated for you in a format approximating:

This has some SEO value (especially if you’re linking your anchor text back to your main site), but for maximum impact, hosting the blog on your own website is the way to go. A good web developer will have no problems integrating a WordPress blog platform into your existing website.

However, if you do decide to host the blog away from your main website, spending significant time on choosing your title is a good investment. So what makes a good blog name?

The ideal business blog name should be reflective of your brand and industry, while retaining a descriptive element. Contrary to popular opinion it is not necessary to have ‘blog’ in the title; so many sites now have this as a keyword that it’s impossible to compete for high rankings – far better to focus on your USP and content.

You need to ensure that whatever name is chosen is also future-proof. Something that is very cutting-edge now may date quickly, forcing you to change the title. This will destroy any reputation you have built under that business blog name, essentially putting you back at square one.

Always check that no-one else is publishing under the same, or similar, title. As well as forcing you to directly compete for traffic, it can also lead to all sorts of nasty copyright issues which could, in a worst case scenario, force the closure of your business blog.

Otherwise, it’s pretty much a free rein. Business blogs are a great opportunity to showcase creativity, and that begins with your title.