From content marketing for Christmas to consumers’ love of Google – content marketing trends

From content marketing for Christmas to consumers’ love of Google – content marketing trends

Content marketing for Christmas is more important than ever

Two influential studies indicate that content marketing for Christmas will be more critical in 2017 than ever before.Content marketing for Christmas

Deloitte surveyed over 5,000 consumers to compile its 2017 Holiday Retail Survey. Meanwhile, BigCommerce spoke to representatives from over 1,000 companies (mainly B2C retailers) to find out how they intend to tailor their approach to content marketing this Christmas.

Let’s start by looking at consumer trends. Here’s what Deloitte discovered:

  • 83% of consumers will use a desktop/laptop for their holiday shopping
  • 75% will browse online/make purchases online, while 68% will compare prices
  • 59% plan to use their smartphones to make holiday purchases
  • 51% of all holiday preparation spending will take place online (36% on desktop/laptop, 10% on smartphone and 5% on tablet)

Deloitte also found that online consumer experience was outpacing in-store experience across five key metrics, with ‘ease of searching’ claiming the top-spot:

Such consumer interest means a strategic approach towards content marketing for Christmas could clearly pay off.

Now, let’s find out what we can learn about brand expectations and preparations from the BigCommerce study:

  • 64% of retailers expect most revenue to be generated through their branded website
  • Retailers selling via two, or more, online channels earn on average twice as much as those selling on one
  • 51.6% believe Facebook campaigns will generate the best results
  • 51.2% reckon email marketing will be the most lucrative
  • 37% of retail brands began preparing at least one month earlier than in 2016

With consumer demand skyrocketing and many brands already updating their strategies, you need to put content marketing for Christmas at the top of your to-do list to stay competitive!

Long-term content marketing outlook is positive

The international content marketing market is to continue growing rapidly until at least 2021, according to Technavio’s ‘Global Content Marketing Market 2017-2021’ study (payment required).

Analysts who conducted the study estimate that the market will balloon at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.12%. The final report provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of content marketing, and most of the vital signs are good.

Of course, the standard content marketing strategy of 2021 is likely to be distinctly different to that of 2017.

Video and interactive content are set to continue gaining popularity (and, there’s undoubtedly a role for copywriters to play in both). However, written content will remain a market mainstay.

Here are some of the emerging trends and technologies that will require you to strategically re-think your content strategy:

If you work in content marketing, the next three years could be highly lucrative – providing you keep up with the increasing pace of technological development.

Spotted in the news…

Google has been the belle of the ball of late, with two complementary trust-related studies highlighting its customer credentials.

A survey conducted by The Verge found that Google ranked third in terms of customer trust (after Amazon and the customers’ banks) and second when it comes to the passion it instils in customers. Brand Keys’ ‘Annual Loyalty Leaders List’ also saw Google claim second place for customer loyalty.

So, while you might suffer the occasional bout of algorithm-update terror, Google is evidently just too darn useful and intuitive to dislike!