Content marketing ideas

contentcrosswordGiven that we have recently set up a group on Linkedin called ‘Content Marketing for SMEs’ it seemed an appropriate moment to explore some content marketing strategies.
Let’s start by examining what sort of content businesses can use as part of a content marketing strategy. Talks for networking events, presentations, pitches, speeches and training materials are all types of content that most businesses produce from time to time. They can be incorporated into an online content marketing strategy by:
•    Turning the material into articles for your corporate blog and announcing it on social networks such as Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook.
•    Contributing guest pieces to other corporate blogs (with a back-link to your website, of course).
•    Spinning any news-worthy angle into a press release and sending it to journalists in your industry.
•    Creating a white paper that is available for download through your website … in exchange for the recipients’ email addresses.
•    Writing articles for publication and syndication.
•    Sending a monthly e-newsletter to your database of customers and prospects containing highlights from your corporate blog and any attention-grabbing company news.
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