Content, SEO and social media news: weekly round-up

Facebook Likes vs. Google +1s

Digital agency Sticky Eyes launched an interesting report this week, which compared the impact of Facebook likes against that of Google +1s on search engine rankings. The study considered 7,000 URLS that place in the top 20 of some of Google’s most competitive industries. Somewhat surprisingly, the correlation between Facebook likes and high ranking was 28% less than Google +1s – despite the fact that the latter is widely considered to be the less popular of the two social networks. Companies should therefore consider using all available platforms to give their brand the best chance of reaching the top of the results pages.

CentreParcs’ website is most user-friendly

A recent eTravel Benchmark Study has evaluated the usability of 52 popular travel websites, by considering aspects such as their search visibility, the quality of their landing pages, and the ease of the booking process. Centre Parcs topped the poll thanks to its simple, straightforward approach, which offers users plenty of holiday inspiration and quick, accessible links to booking pages. Their victory highlights the importance of quality, user-friendly content and an easy-to-use booking process.

2012 e-commerce sales look promising

According to data from IMRG, e-commerce sales performed exceptionally well during the first 6 months of 2012, with total spend reaching £34.9 billion – with £6 billion forked out in June alone. Retailers are also now realising the importance of the Olympic period when building international e-commerce relationships. Chris Webster, head of retail consulting and technology at Capgemini, explained, “Instead of a souvenir, international visitors could be returning home with a lifelong relationship with British brands, and so it is essential that retailers have an international online strategy in place to take full advantage of the opportunity.” If your business needs help polishing up their e-commerce content during the busy Olympic summer, why not get in touch with Write My Site today?